Kall Kwik: Officially a Superbrand

When established designer Paul Tallett wanted to expand, he turned to the Kall Kwik franchise. The company poses some questions to its new franchisee

In May Paul Tallett invested in starting up his own business in Cardiff, as a Kall Kwik owner. He adopted a team with a combined experience of 75 years in making business clients 'look the business' through producing and delivering design, direct mail, print and large format print services.

Kall Kwik: Congratulations on the opening, so why did you set up Kall Kwik Cardiff?
Paul Tallett: Prior to taking up this opportunity I had been running my own successful design and print agency. Last year things were going well but it was just myself working there. I was answering all the calls, seeing clients, doing all the design and administration. I wanted to expand but I just couldn't do it all on my own. I had the option of either setting up my own print company, or opening a franchise. I had heard of Kall Kwik and always liked their approach. I felt that they were at the top of the tree in the design and printing franchise business. They have a much cleaner and classier style with the emphasis on good design and unpretentious client service. I got the ball rolling and started setting up this franchise in February of this year.

KK: What were the advantages of a franchise over going it alone?
PT: Firstly you have the power of the brand - Kall Kwik is officially a Business Superbrand. This gives you greater recognition with prospects as well as negotiating power with suppliers. They know that they are not just dealing with an independent person, but that you have been through a rigorous training system with Kall Kwik and that your credentials have been checked out.

I think that this is a very important point - the Kall Kwik franchise really puts you through the paces and offers in-depth training. Being part of a franchise definitely helps you set up in business. I like the fact that there are about 160 Kall Kwiks across the country and you can always call upon their experience. I think the network is invaluable.

KK: Did you encounter any problems in setting up your business?
PT: Actually, it was relatively smooth. Finance Wales and Lloyds TSB helped out with the finance. Again another benefit of Kall Kwik is that they have an established relationship with the banks.

KK: Finally what other skills are important when running a Kall Kwik franchise?
PT: Kall Kwik's five week initial training helps with the product knowledge, but marketing and sales skills are much more important. Kall Kwik run a marketing launch programme to help attract clients but you must be able to pitch to prospective clients and win business.

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