Getting down to business

Entrepreneur Steve Madden has always had an eye for business, so the rapid growth of the healthcare market and the resulting business opportunities had not escaped his notice. However, as the founder of several successful companies, Steve knew it would require an exceptional franchise to attract his attention and, after months of research, he found Kare Plus. Beth Dunmore reports

Steve had previously founded and developed several recruitment companies when, last year, he decided it was time for a change.

“I’d really enjoyed watching my businesses grow, and I’m still very proud of what I achieved, but I needed a fresh challenge and the healthcare industry was the obvious way to go,” says Steve.

“I was excited by the clear potential to build a successful, sustainable business in the healthcare sector – and making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people has long been an ambition of mine.”

He continues: “it’s great to have a successful career, but I’ve always been passionate about caring for others and working in the care sector offers the opportunity to change lives in a way that few other industries can.”

Although Steve was determined to enter the care sector, he wasn’t sure whether to build a business of his own or join a franchise. In the end it was the expertise of Kare Plus that made the decision for him.

“My initial instinct was to found my own company as I had before. However, the regulations and complexities around the healthcare market are daunting and would be difficult to negotiate on my own,” says Steve. “When I met Kare Plus, it was clear from the outset that they knew the industry inside out and I realised that I could trust them to keep the paperwork in order while I tackled the business side of things!”

Though Steve looked at several care franchises, he kept coming back to Kare Plus, in part because of the breadth of opportunities offered by the franchise.

“I felt that Kare Plus easily had the most to offer,” says Steve. “Kare Plus provides both domiciliary care and staffing solutions for care homes, hospitals and a range of other organisations, so franchise owners have the chance to create multiple income streams. That was something I hadn’t seen anywhere else.”

After meeting the team at head office, Steve decided he’d found a company that lived up to his high standards and gave him the freedom to do what he does best – build a successful business.

“As someone who has established and operated several companies, I knew that I would not be prepared to buy into any business that was less than extraordinary,” says Steve. “Kare Plus showed me their vision for the future of healthcare and I share that 100 per cent – if you’ve got the commitment and motivation, Kare Plus is the ultimate business plan.”

Steve has now completed his franchise owner training and has been open for business for almost two months in his location at Trafford. Within the first four weeks, Steve had already secured his first customers and his bookings for staff hours have continued to increase week-on-week.

“The training was fantastic, I absolutely love the team, they’re extremely supportive and very driven,” says Steve. “We’ve only just opened for business but it’s going really well. In fact I’m already planning to buy another Kare Plus territory!”