Making a Difference In Kare

When Mansoor Butt identified a number of failings with existing care services, he wanted to find a way to improve the system and give those in need a better level of service – Kare Plus was the obvious choice. Beth Dunmore reports

t was through his work in Podiatry that care services first came to Mansoor Butt’s attention. Working daily with elderly clients, he noticed discrepancies in the support they received and never seemed to see the same health workers twice.

“I do quite a few house visits and, over time, I began to see failings in the care of my elderly patients,” Mansoor says. “Often there was no sense of consistency; it got me thinking about how I would do things differently.”

After speaking with wife Sajda, Mansoor decided he wanted to help change healthcare from the inside and they began looking for a care franchise.

It was the emphasis on care quality that initially led Sajda and Mansoor to Kare Plus, but they were also impressed by the levels of support offered by the KarePlus team and the unique potential for dual income streams.

“For us, the opportunity to provide both domiciliary and clinical care to our community was really important,” explains Sajda. “Kare Plus was able to offer us that and seemed genuinely concerned with providing top quality healthcare – something that had been important to us from the outset.”

In fact, Sajda and Mansoor were so impressed by Kare Plus that they invested in two territories, their flagship in Enfield, and Woodford, where Mansoor’s Podiatry practice is based.

“In the current climate, with a rapidly growing need for care services, healthcare is big business we wanted to capitalize on that by buying two branches,” adds Mansoor.

Mansoor’s knowledge of healthcare, combined with Sajda’s background in law and business, make them the perfect team, resulting in two flourishing locations.

“It’s suddenly picked up speed over the last month, and business is really taking off,’ Sadja enthuses. “We have over 20 fully compliant professionals on our books already and supply to big names like Bupa and independent homes in our local area too. We’re building a success but we also feel like we’re making a difference.”

For any business, the early months can be the toughest, but the couple says they’ve been supported throughout the process by the team at head office.

“They’ve been there every step of the way,” comments Sajda. “The IT facilities are fantastic and we get regular visits and contact from senior staff, which is incredibly helpful and never seemed to be an option when we spoke to other franchises. The personal attention we receive goes above and beyond the norm.”

The next step for Sajda and Mansoor is getting the necessary CQC qualifications to provide domiciliary care, something that’s been a major goal for them all along.

“We’re waiting to begin training so we can offer homecare services,” says Sadja. “Mansoor’s experiences, and the inadequate care he saw, means he’s really passionate about putting our top quality professionals in to the domiciliary market – the last three months have been a rollercoaster, but we haven’t looked back and couldn’t be happier that we chose KarePlus.”