Be Part Of Europe's Next Best Thing

Fashion footwear franchise, Kazar, has emerged from a host of competitors in its native Poland as the stand out brand as customers go wild for its haute couture yet practical product range. Gareth Samuel explores this fascinating story as Kazar stands on the brink of global expansion.

A Short Tale of Longevity

Before Kazar was ever considered the aspirational business it is today, which is cited by students and lecturers alike as a business model of note, it began merely as an idea – to offer world fashion in the Polish market. At first, in the mid 1990’s, the brand was available only in multi-brand shoe stores. However in 1996, the first ever Kazar flagship store was established thanks to huge demand. It seemed customers were both intrigued and excited by the modern yet original features of Kazar shoes.

By the turn of the century, Kazar had opened up its first store inside the prestigious Galeria Mokotow in Warsaw, giving the brand greater exposure to even more customers, and, more poignantly, the wider fashion world. As the business continued to grow, the fashion industry watched in awe, handing out numerous industry awards to the brand. In 2008, Kazar entered catwalks and won the trust of fashion creators globally. 2011 proved a stellar year for the business, winning the Forbes Diamond Award, which confirmed it as a globally strong business as well as a fashion icon.

Today the brand, owned by Artur Kazienko, is renowned for trends and elegance. 2014, therefore is the year that international expansion becomes a priority for this major Polish business.

Franchising Internationally

Kazar is unquestionably a leading business in the spectrum of Polish footwear companies. In just 20 years, this dynamic business has set numerous trends and ambitious styles by treating changes in the market and unfavourable economic conditions as nothing more than challenges to overcome.

Now, it is spreading its wings in the international arena. Many times distinguished for design and dynamic development, the company proves that pursuit of perfection makes sense if it applies to each and every aspect of an activity. Kazar footwear means real fashion, high-end design and the highest quality finishing It is chosen by customers and appreciated and recommended by top designers.

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High-end Fashion Philosophy

Kazar positions itself as a premium brand in fashion. The company cooperates with popular stylists, designers and bloggers and is well represented in trade press and magazines. The brand’s plan for the years to come is development in the world market. Currently, the company is searching for partners – both in Europe and outside of Europe – with whom it will be able to achieve common business targets. This is the right time to share in its success.

The key advantage of the Kazar collection over competitors is the availability of a full range of sizes. The company’s offer is strongly diversified. Based on its three lines, i.e. “Fashion”, “Smart casual” and “Classic”, it is able to tailor its products to specific requirements of consumers.

Why become Kazar?

The remarkable success of the brand shows that the diversity of Kazar products is growing dynamically. Its proven model of cooperation is franchising, which worked extremely well when the company entered yet another European market. The first store abroad was opened in Romania, in November 2013. The many customers who appeared during the opening at the Promenade Shopping Centre in Bucharest gave the brand a warm welcome. It was the first step to building a chain of stores across Europe. Another seven will be built in Romania alone.

In this type of cooperation, the company guarantees solid support to its foreign partners, based on specific tools enhancing business development. Owing to the know-how of Kazar specialists, the investor will get to know which products – or business models – to choose to minimize the costs incurred. The footwear and accessories offered are always carefully selected, taking into account the current trends and season in the given country and ensuring the price range is coherent with individual markets. Among the proven standards always met by Kazar is the modern decor of the stores, attractive expositions of the products or aroma marketing. In each aspect, the company offers professional training for each partner, which ensures that new franchise owners can become successful from day one.