Go round the franchise world in one exhibition!

Expand your network in the international market by participating in one of the most effective franchise exhibitions in the world Text: KEM organisers

The KEM World Franchise Exhibition celebrates its 10th year with a special anniversary edition. The event will be held from the 29th of February to the 3rd of March in Athens and is expected to attract a great number of both visitors and exhibitors from the international market. For the franchising sector, two exceptionally important parallel events will be taking place - the World Franchise Council Meeting with participants from around the world, and the 4th Global Franchise Leadership Summit, 'Meet the Leaders of The Franchise Industry', organised by the Economist Conferences, hosting prominent speakers from the area of politics and the world franchising market.

The international appeal of the exhibition will offer visitors the opportunity to be updated on the world franchising market. International exhibitors will make their presence known in an exhibition where every country that will participate with its own Pavilion will showcase its concepts, offering a wide range of choices to the potential investor.

The KEM World Franchise Exhibition is recognised by the international media as a five star exhibition and it is considered to be one of the most effective franchise exhibitions in the world. It is worthwhile mentioning that for the year 2008, KEM has planned special promotional activities to draw visitors from around the world, particularly from South Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean.

In the context of the special services provided only to the international participants, KEM has created a unique promotional programme that has tremendous success every year. As a result, the majority of the international participants find the Master or the franchisee that best suits them not only in Greece but globally as well.

KEM's goal is clear: in view of its 10th anniversary, the KEM World Franchise Exhibition will offer exhibitors the opportunity to participate in the most important franchising event on a global scale, while visitors will have the chance to discover franchising concepts from every corner of the world.