The Meeting Point of the World Franchise Market

The highly-rated, Athens-based KEM International Franchise Exhibition always promises to be an international occasion, no less so in 2010 with franchising growth in Greece continuing to soar

For four days between the 19th and 22nd of February 2010 the world franchise market will meet at the KEM International Franchise Exhibition, which will take place at the Helexpo Palace Exhibition Center in Athens, Greece. With exhibitors from Greece and the international market the exhibition provides visitors with the opportunity to be comprehensively updated on the opportunities available worldwide.

Offering a wide range of choices, the potential investor will be able to choose the Master Franchise that best suits them for their country. Each year more than 200 concepts are presented in the exhibition, 60 of which are seeking to grant franchises into international markets.

The KEM International Franchise Exhibition is recognised by international media as a five star exhibition. It is considered by global brands to be one of the most effective franchise exhibitions in the world. The geographical position of Greece is ideal for the event to act as a gateway for companies to expand their international networks into Greece, Europe and the Middle East. As a result, each year the exhibition attracts more than 17,000 qualified visitors.

It is remarkable that Greece has the highest percentage of self-employed people across Europe. Despite the fact that the population does not exceed 11 million, franchise development in Greece is at an advanced stage. From 192 chains operating in Greece in 1999, the sector has grown to encompass 636 brands, representing an increase of 332 per cent during the last decade. 180 of these companies have come to Greece from the international market.

The Greek franchise industry enjoys one of the highest annual growth rates within the European Union, with the number of franchise owners growing by 8.29 per cent last year to reach over 18,000. During the last 11 years more than 180 international companies have participated at the KEM International Franchise exhibition. These companies have come into contact with prospective investors from all over the world and have signed thousands of partnership agreements, successfully expanding their network in Greece and worldwide.

Preview provided by the organisers