Labour of love

Some of our biggest franchise success stories come from those who started their franchise because they love what they do; they had firsthand experience of their service and above all they had passion. Here Jenna Leeds reveals why your hobby could become a franchise

What is a hobby? A hobby could mean a number of things, conventionally its known as merely something you do in your leisure time such as painting, dancing, fitness, music, jewellery making or baking. For some of us though, we’re not all that creative and actually some of our hobbies, at first, can be more about self-improvement such as taking up gym classes or having a personal trainer to lose weight. A hobby could be, for some a learning experience – learning to drive, learning to dance or learning a language. It’s these experiences that inspire us to think, challenge and potentially surprise ourselves in our achievements. It’s these achievements that could inspire you to help others.

Weight loss is a great example of this. There are a huge variety of franchises in the health sector that do just that; helping people to lose weight, feel healthier, look better and if you have experienced the trials and challenges of losing weight firsthand, you would be a great ambassador for brands and services helping others.

If you are more of the creatively minded individual where your spare time consists of painting, building or making things, ask yourself where the fun comes in. Is it the products you love to make or the process of producing the item? Either way, consider the angle of your service and how you think you might fit this into a business and making money. In franchising terms it could mean it’s not the actual product you enjoy but the skills you have learned and the process you’d like to inspire others.

Gardening is also a huge area of the franchising sector and if you’re particularly green fingered, love taking care of your garden and feel you have the skills and knowledge to pass onto others perhaps a franchise in property care could be for you. If you’re not so much of an outdoor person and find yourself staying in with the latest gadgets, games and computing methods there are many digital and technical franchises out there who would love to talk to you.

Do you already work in a role that you love such as graphic design? Any person with a creative eye and a love of working for a brand and coming up with innovative ideas means that there is a massive opportunity in franchising, such as white collar franchises or in print and design services.

It’s important to realise what’s important to you. If you’re eager to be an entrepreneur, you should not force the idea. People who love what they do as a business tend to start out with the mind set that its not all about making money, more the person enjoying what they do and the business naturally evolving.

The great thing about turning a hobby into a business is that you may be able to lead your ideal life – combining your leisure time and professional life. However, anything in business means there is always the fear that your hobby becomes strictly business and you lose the passion for what you do. It’s a risk but if it works out you could be proof of the phrase ‘labour of love’.