Ladies Workout Express

People with an interest in fitness and the ability to facilitate success in other people are being sought nationwide by Ladies Workout Express, the women-only 30-minute workout franchise from US health and fitness giant Lady of America.

Thid is a ground-floor opportunity to join a business on a growth curve helping people turn their lives around through fitness. As the owner of a Ladies Workout Express franchise you'll be providing a comfortable and motivational environment for women to achieve their fitness and weight-loss goals using the specialised 30-minute workout programme.

Already a success in America, the company recognises that many women have different needs when it comes to achieving their fitness goals. Rising obesity levels and growing concerns for the low health and fitness levels of the UK population are fuelling a nationwide trend for joining fitness clubs. But traditional gyms tend not to provide the comfortable environment and level of ongoing support that many women need.

Ladies Workout Express has developed a 30-minute circuit training programme which utilises 12 hydraulic machines. 'Completing a circuit will exercise every major muscle group in the body and the programme is proven to help tone and firm the body while building cardiovascular endurance,' explains Chris Donaldson, Master Franchisee for the UK and Ireland.

'Strengthening muscles provides joint stability and helps fight osteoporosis. Regular training helps burn body fat and increase lean body mass. In between each station is a cardio machine or a rest station for controlling the heart rate. Equipment is built to 10 different resistance settings to vary the workout on a regular basis, which keeps the workout fresh and helps retain members.'

With the appointment of Chris, Lady of America is expanding its Ladies Workout Express centres nationwide and is searching for ambitious, personable franchisees with an interest in fitness and the ability to facilitate success in other people.

'While a background in business and/or health and fitness is beneficial, it is not essential,' assures Chris. 'What is needed is a desire to be successful and a willingness to learn and execute a proven system. Your desire to have financial success and our plan of action is all you will need to meet and exceed your goals of owning a successful health and fitness business.'

Franchisees benefit from being part of a worldwide organisation with more than 20 years of industry experience and over 1,000 franchisees. Chris adds: 'Our blueprint for success is based on proven systems and you will be given the training, tools and support you need to achieve the personal and financial rewards of owning your own business.'

The US-based, five-day Ladies Workout Express training course aims to equip franchisees with product knowledge, hands-on experience and manuals ready to open their own clubs. Ongoing support is provided by corporate staff, who provide guidance on every aspect of developing the gym, including pre-opening membership sales, site selection, lease negotiation, training staff, designing marketing materials and providing ongoing daily support once the club is open. 'We take the guesswork out of owning and operating your own health and fitness business,' states Chris.

Ladies Workout Express describes its typical members as being middle aged and unlikely to have been a member of a gym before, although the concept also attracts younger and senior members. 'Because of the friendly, welcoming and most importantly encouraging atmosphere of the club, membership retention tends to be higher than average for the industry,' Chris adds. 'Revenue comes primarily from memberships - the recently opened company-owned operation in Belfast is already more than halfway to break- even just on membership sales.

However, you also have the opportunity to increase earnings thorough additional products such as saunas, tanning centres and nutritional supplements.'

Early on franchisees are required to be hands-on, working with members as well as managing the day to day running of the franchise. 'As your business grows you will be able to employ a club manager leaving you free to concentrate on developing the business,' Chris furthers. 'The first two UK Ladies Workout Express franchisees are now looking to open their second clubs following the success of their first.

'We're looking for people to join in the success of a brand on a growth curve. Owning a Ladies Workout Express franchise is both personally and financially rewarding, helping people to make positive life changing decisions regarding their health and well-being.'

'It's a very simple concept'

Working for a bank gave Karen Pheasant a unique insight into small business start-ups. After 22 years and concluding that franchising offered a higher chance of success, she invested in a Ladies Workout Express franchise.

'It's a very simple concept,' she explains. 'It's great to be working in a business where you can change people's lives for the better and very satisfying to see people grow in confidence as they loose weight or are able to do things they weren't capable of before.' Following tailored training, Karen was given a blueprint for setting up and opening her Manchester gym. 'It was very detailed and covered everything,' she clarifies, 'such as research, suppliers, licences and even the adverts for staff.'

Karen opened her new gym with 170 members, 20 more than predicted. Two years on she has retained 35 per cent, built the total to over 650, makes a 'healthy' profit and plans to open a second gym. 'We tend to attract people who haven't been members of a gym before including older ladies and people with disabilities, because we work very hard at providing a friendly, supportive atmosphere,' explains Karen.
Initially supported from the US, Karen says the initial and ongoing support has been 'superb'. However she also reports being impressed by Chris Donaldson's enthusiasm for his new role as Master Franchisee UK and Ireland. 'I'm looking forward to even higher levels of support,' she adds. 'It's been a dream. I had to work very hard to start with, but now the business is more flexible. I have an Assistant Manager who oversees day to day operations so I can spend more time developing the business. I enjoy a good quality of life.'

Reported by Rachel Spaul