Take the leap with Lighterlife

LighterLife is a pioneering weight-loss and weight-management company. With a network predominantly made up of female weight-management counsellors, LighterLife prides itself not only on the work that the company’s franchise owners do but the impact each and every one of our individual franchise owners have on the lives of our clients.

LighterLife is committed to helping anyone to change their mindset so they are able to truly live every moment of a healthier, happier, longer and lighter life.

Our franchise owners deliver innovative, successful and sustainable programmes that are founded on the company’s expertise in life-changing weight-loss and long-term weight management.

Each of them have told us that they used to think that having a family, a work/life balance and growing a successful business was not possible. However, since joining LighterLife, our network has enjoyed the benefits of franchising regardless of what stage of life or age they are.

With a network of over 300 weight-management counsellors and a business with a 16-year track record of transforming people’s lives through weight-loss, LighterLife is in a unique position in the market place.

If you think you have got what it takes to run your own business, enjoy the heritage of a well-established company with big ideas and very successful business and marketing support, then look no further. With full training, support and guaranteed profit margins you can look forward to improving people’s lives and also improving your own.