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Kate Allerston Arts Development Director of Fairfield High and Principal of LIPA 4:19 Halton, Widnes, reflects on her progress with the franchise:

"We launched our LIPA 4:19 franchise in May. Through the revenue generated by the LIPA'4:19 classes we intend to devise a scholarship programme for disadvantaged children within our local community and to continue to improve our onsite teaching facilities.

"As part of the LIPA 4:19 franchise package, I was given vigorous training to allow me to fulfil my role as Principal of the academy, and the dance, music and singing teachers were also taught the LIPA 4:19 syllabus. We continue to receive ongoing support as required. We have a fantastic relationship with LIPA 4:19 and hope the fact that we are now associated with such a prestigious performing arts institution will strengthen our relationship with local schools and businesses."

Are you passionate about the performing arts?
Would you like to build a business channelling young people's energy into improving their acting, dancing and singing skills?

Would you like to operate a performing arts academy under the umbrella of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts?

LIPA 4:19 has been providing an education in the performing arts to students between the ages of four and 19 for six years. Last year the school launched its search for franchise owners to replicate its successful formula nationwide.

LIPA 4:19 is looking for individuals with a passion for the performing arts who want to make a difference - and a living - by building a business around talented, enthusiastic young people. As part of the franchise package, new LIPA 4:19 franchise owners are provided with a training course held at the LIPA 4:19 performing arts academy, where they receive a thorough induction into the marketplace, are given an operations manual and benefit from access to proven marketing strategies used by existing LIPA 4:19 academies.

Following the launch of the first LIPA 4:19 franchise based at Rainhill High School, St. Helens in September 2008, we are delighted that our second franchise at Fairfield High School in Widnes is now open and providing LIPA 4:19 quality performing arts tuition to children and young people from the local area.

LIPA 4:19 is looking for the right individuals to establish and operate academies throughout the country.

This is the only children's performing arts academy in the UK that is directly linked to an established performing arts institution - the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts.

LIPA 4:19 classes are open to all children and young adults looking to explore and express creativity through singing, dance and drama.