Plan for the future with a LIPA 4:19 franchise

LIPA 4:19 has provided its latest franchise owner Michael Da Silva Pearce an extra income in addition to his full time job as a teacher

While looking to earn extra income alongside his full-time job as a teacher Michael Da Silva Pearce discovered the LIPA 4:19 franchise. "I come from a background in music," explains Michael. "I am getting older and I wanted an extra income towards my retirement, so the LIPA 4:19 franchise seemed ideal for me.

"I was looking into franchising at the time I came across LIPA 4:19. I felt that being a teacher and having a background in performing arts meant I had all the right skills to own and operate a LIPA 4:19 franchise."

Established in 2003, LIPA 4:19 is a part-time performing arts academy. Offering a management franchise that provides classes to those aged between four and 19 in dance, drama and singing, LIPA 4:19 aims to encourage children's creativity and confidence in a fun and relaxed environment.

Michael launched his East London-based franchise in September 2009. "Prior to my launch I had five days training with LIPA 4:19 and I also visited schools that were already operating," he recalls. "In addition to the training I have had fantastic support from LIPA 4:19. I can phone head office at any time with any query."

Although Michael is currently running his business alongside his full-time job as a teacher he plans to continue his business after he retires from teaching. "At the moment I am wanting to generate an extra income on top of my wage as a teacher," he reveals. "In the future I am hoping to continue operating my franchise during my retirement as an extra interest."

In his first year Michael is aiming to achieve a turnover target of £65,000 and he plans to build his business gradually. "I want to start off providing Saturday morning classes, before adding them on Saturday afternoons as well," he continues. "In the future I plan to provide classes on Sundays and running advance classes during the week as well."

Although having an interest in music and the performing arts is helpful for running a LIPA 4:19 franchise, having a background in this area is not necessary. "A LIPA 4:19 business can be operated without this background," Michael says. "Running a LIPA 4:19 business is the same as running any business and needs the same skills and discipline. I love organising, so I really like that side of the business. I also like the freedom it has given me to develop something on my own."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

Management or Operational

Franchise owners may take a joint managerial/operational role and oversee the running of the academy and teach some classes themselves provided they have an appropriate teaching qualification. Alternatively they can leave their teachers to run all of the classes and focus on supporting and growing the business.

Initial Investment Requirement

£13,500 + VAT, includes:

  • Full training
  • Launch and ongoing support
  • Marketing strategies
  • Comprehensive operations manual