Harness the potential of the'UK's stars of tomorrow

Want to make a difference...and a living? LIPA 4:19 is offering an opportunity to build a business centred around providing an education in the performing arts

Are you passionate about the performing arts? Would you like to build a business channelling young people's energy into improving their acting, dancing and singing skills? Would you like to operate a perfoming arts academy under the umbrella of the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts?

LIPA'4:19 has been providing an education in the performing arts to students between the ages of four and 19 for six years. Last year the school launched its search for franchise owners to replicate its successful formula nationwide. 'LIPA 4:19 was launched in 2003 and has grown from 200 students to 450 - with some hopefuls waiting for a place for over two years,' reveals Programme Leader and Franchise Manager Kerry Watkins. 'We have seen unprecedented demand for places and we have not had the internal resources at our disposal to keep expanding it. We looked at a number of options and franchising ticked all the right boxes for us because we could create a blueprint, which could be replicated by individuals, groups or schools. This is the first time an outstanding institute has entered performing arts franchising.'

LIPA 4:19 is looking for individuals with a passion for the performing arts who want to make a difference - and a living - by building a business around talented, enthusiastic young people. 'This is an exciting opportunity for potential franchisees looking to venture into a new Performing Arts business,' says Kerry. 'We have worked extremely hard to create a high quality model based on the Liverpool LIPA 4:19 school.'

As part of the franchise package new LIPA franchisees are provided with a training course held at the LIPA performing arts academy, where they receive a thorough induction into the marketplace, teaching style, curriculum and operations. To complement the course franchise owners are given an operations manual to refer to and also benefit from access to proven marketing strategies used by existing LIPA 4:19 academies, plus help establishing their franchise from the support team.

Following the launch of the first LIPA 4:19 franchise based at Rainhill High School, St. Helens in September 2008, the company is delighted to announce the opening of a second franchise in May. 'This will be at Fairfield High School in Widnes,' reports Kerry. 'The franchise owners are currently recruiting their students and their staff are undergoing LIPA 4:19 training.

'We have set in place the standards that we expect and we can ensure that children who attend classes at any LIPA 4:19 academy, whether it's in Merseyside, Scotland or London, will be taught to the same high level right across the board. By joining our network, franchise owners are in a unique position to affect the lives of young people in their local area, and to benefit from the immense market potential that is to be found everywhere in the UK today.'

Reported by Stuart Anderson