Investigator reveals the pros of being a female in a male-dominated industry

One of London House's team of investigators talks about how she has become a success in a usually male-dominated sector.

For London House's head office-based investigator Sarita Chopra, being a female in a male-dominated industry is often an advantage, especially when conducting difficult investigations into debtor's finances.

"It's difficult not to stray into too many cliches, but it would be fair to say that a debtor reacts well to advice coming from a woman," she reveals.

"Perhaps in many scenarios being approached by a female is less intimidating than a man seeking repayment and people might then be more inclined to open up and work with us, rather than clamming up.

"Though of course different people react differently. The key qualities, regardless of who the investigator is, is an ability to listen and to have good people skills."

Sarita joined London House two years ago and comes from a background of working in the Police, she explains: "I joined London House after a lengthy career in the Police, where I was an investigator. I decided to leave for a number of reasons, primarily because I felt it was time for a change.

"When I saw the opportunity with London House I was very interested and met with Managing Director Godfrey Lancashire, who told me more about the industry and the position. As the role entails tracing and investigations it was a good opportunity to build on the skills I had gained throughout my Police career. It was a move that I haven't regretted.

"As every case is different, involving different people and different circumstances there is plenty of variety. I also get the chance to work out in the field as well as from the office, which means that there are plenty of flexible hours.

"If I'm making a house call for example, it might be that I'll do this in the evening when there's a higher chance of the person being at home."

Due to the range of investigative work the company deals with, London House provides its franchise owners with a comprehensive training package.

"From the moment I started in the role, it has been a constant learning curve and it is a very interesting field to be in, particualry in the current economic climate," explains Sarita. "I get to see both side of the story - the small business which risks going under through unpaid invoices and poor cash flow and the debtor who has slipped into debt."

For the right person London House is a unique opportunity to build a successful business in an interesting industry, Sarita concludes: "My advice to anyone contemplating a career in the investigation industry would definitely be to go for it; it is a very interesting field, one that is constantly challenging and varied, and there's always lots to do."

Reported by London House