London House - a franchise with a wealth of opportunities

Financial and commercial investigations franchise opportunity, London House International, provides a wide range of investigative services. Fraser McKay looks at how its franchise owners help find missing debtors for its clients

Focus on debt or asset recovery

London House has been increasingly asked by its clients to help recover commercial bad debts or to locate assets that they may not have been aware of. Franchise owners always go to the debtor’s address on behalf of London House’s client and negotiate in a skilled, professional manner to recover overdue invoices. In the event the debtor proves reluctant to pay, London House is able to advise on the best way forward for that particular case.

London House can also be asked to try and locate assets that the debtor may have ‘hidden away’ such as property or machinery. While always operating within the law, franchise owners complete their instructions discreetly and report back to their clients with details of London House’s findings and help to paint a picture of the subject’s lifestyle.

Case study

London House had a recent case where its hunches, skills, determination and ‘dog with a bone attitude’ paid off for its client. London House was instructed by a client to trace a subject who, it was believed, had committed cheque book fraud in excess of £1 million. The searches led the franchise owner to find several linked addresses to the location provided, with one address in London being of particular interest. Visiting this location discreetly, London House’s franchise owner obtained information that led them to believe there was a lead to follow in Spain.

Spending time in Spain, the franchise owner ascertained that the subject had established residence there and further enquiries in the area finally took London House back to two additional properties in London that the client had no knowledge of. This subsequently led to the client securing legal charges over both assets and put them in a position to negotiate a full and final payment.

  • Trace Enquiries
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • Process Serving Legal Documents
  • Discreet Enquiries
  • Surveillance Operations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Internal Theft and Undercover Staff Investigations
  • Statement Taking
  • Mystery Shopper
  • Credit Control
  • Tenant Screening

Summary of Operation

London House is a financial and commercial investigation franchise. As a London House franchise owner, you will be a banking, legal and insurance consultant and investigator, providing a range of services to banks, finance houses, law firms, insurance companies and the rest of the credit industry. As a commercial investigator, your core business will be gathering information to advise clients on the prevention and recovery of loss caused by fraud and bad debt.

London House Managing Director honoured with CSA lifetime membership

Godfrey Lancashire (pictured right), co-founder and Managing Director of London House International, received Honorary Lifetime Membership of The Credit Services Association (CSA) upon his retirement from its Board.

The CSA – the UK association for companies in the debt collection industry – held a gala dinner at which current President, Roger Lucas, applauded Godfrey, who was CSA president from 2005-07, for his considerable contribution to the collections industry – notably as a strong advocate of proactive media communications that had helped improve the public face of collections nationwide.

“In his term as President, many of us looked forward to Godfrey’s speeches, not just for the informed and interesting content, but also for his delivery,” Roger says. “They were always eloquent and never boring! This eloquence, backed by a quick thinking intellect, was made full use of by the CSA in asking Godfrey to respond to many requests for interviews on radio and TV.

“Not many trade association representatives get anything from Nicky Campbell on the BBC’s prime time consumer programme Watchdog, but Godfrey clearly won the man’s respect and, in doing so, made most of us feel proud, and advanced the image of the collections industry in the minds of many.”

Dr Lucas said Godfrey’s work included representing the CSA at numerous meetings with MPs and Ministers and ultimately influencing Westminster opinion.

“We may never know what the value of such meetings may finally deliver,” he concludes, “but we are completely certain of the value of Godfrey’s contribution to our Industry as a real giant.”

“London House’s professionalism means fewer hurdles for us to cross. They do the job once and do it right."
Parry Company

“We at NatWest utilise the services of London House International and enjoy a very good relationship with them.”

“Santander have experienced a strong professional relationship with London House International. Their standard of work has always met our requirements.”

Key Benefits

  • Brand reputation and credibility
  • Some client business referred from head office
  • Established for some 15 plus years
  • A portfolio of blue-chip client companies
  • Professional white collar operation
  • No money invested in stock
  • Can satisfactorily work from a home office
  • Great lifestyle of variety
  • Flexible hours of work
  • Minimal overheads

Franchise Package

London House, established in 1995, offers two investment level options for aspiring franchise owners. Its Standard package provides a town-sized exclusive territory and can be secured for £10,750 + VAT, while its Premium package covers a larger, regional territory combining a number of population centres for an investment starting at £19,750 + VAT. Both packages include the same level of comprehensive training, ongoing support, full marketing launch programme and access to a Franchise Help Desk, plus introductions to known clients and recommendations about local networking events.

The Facts:

  • One person is declared bankrupt or insolvent in the UK every five minutes
  • UK debt grows by £1m every eight minutes!
  • Amount of interest paid in the UK every day: £263 million