Early steps to success

London House Oxford is one the networks newest franchises. Graham Stowell started the Oxford franchise this year but is already set to be a great success

Before signing up with London House this year, Graham Stowell had been researching the franchise market for over five years, regularly attending exhibitions, reading articles, researching online, interviewing other franchise owners and networking, before finally choosing the franchise he could see himself working with; London House International. Previous to this, Graham had several jobs and interests but found none of these were satisfactory and had always dreamed of owning and running his own business.

“I had always wanted to work for myself but I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision. With London House I knew exactly what I was going into.”

It’s been quite a turning point for Graham so far, with the launch of his franchise and getting married last year – Graham even cut his honeymoon short to get a head start on his London House training.

“I got married in 2011 for the first ceremony in Turkey, then had my second English ceremony, quit my job, had my honeymoon and went straight into business, it hasn’t stopped.”

He finished his career with DHL Healthcare Providers as an Inventory Investigator to start the Oxford franchise.

Graham shows his dedication to the business and explains this is something he has always wanted and even in the early stages of running the franchise, he knew it was going to be worth it.

Graham explains how the fantastic training provided by London House gave him the confidence from day one.

“The training you receive is invaluable and it gave me the confidence to go out there and get started.” The first few weeks for Graham have been testing times but he has shown London House that he can do anything and has made serious progress since opening.

“It was just hectic but already I had two jobs from head office while I was on the training and by the second week I had new work coming through the door.”

Graham has been so successful exceeding his initial projection; the work he was targeted has exceeded in just six months.

“It makes you very determined; the more work I get, the more I put in, the more I know I’ll get out. I hope to take on another full-time person as soon as the time is right. I have around 20-30 jobs a week and I expect this to double.”

With all franchise owners we speak to, they emphasise the importance of good friends and family to help you get through the early stages of business.

“My wife has been 100 per cent supportive, she helps me make plans and always remains positive for me.”

Not only does Graham receive great support from his wife, the team at London House are constantly by his side along with the other regional offices around him: “I love being a part of a franchise, It’s like being part of a community, everyone is always there for advice, support, recommendation and the Directors, Brian and Godfrey, are just fantastic. I meet with them every few weeks at the moment to track my progress and get their support. Just recently I’ve had long chats over the phone with them and they never mind.”

Graham’s lifestyle, more than anything, has improved even in these hectic days of starting. When he worked as an Inventory Investigator he found himself working around the clock for very little reward, always travelling around the country, never stopping.

“My quality of life has greatly improved,” beams Graham. “I’m able to work from home, see my wife a lot more and plan my work to suit me.”

Graham explains how London House is such a rewarding challenge and that he would now never trade it for something else: “The type of work is just so varied – massive bonuses and everyday you get to meet new people, no two days are ever the same.”