Franchise owner to raise London House profile with office move

High demand for his London House service has resulted in Ray Bushell needing to move to a larger office location

A recent relocation from a home office to a premises in the heart of Exeter's professional business world has provided Ray Bushell with the perfect opportunity to grow his London House business. "I have too much work on for one person, so it is my ambition to take on capable and competent people, which I can't do in my home-based office," confides Ray. "The new office location will put me in daily contact with potential customers and this will help me to grow my business. It will also help raise the London House brand profile in my area."

Ray first undertook investigative work while serving in the army. When he left the military after 23 years of service and entered into managerial jobs, he found he missed the buzz he got from conducting investigations and began looking into setting up a private investigation business. "I felt that I didn't have the depth of experience needed to start a business on my own so I began looking into franchising," he recalls. "I also have always worked well in a structure so I thought the franchising model would suit me.

"When I came across London House I liked the fact that it had a good business model in place that had been tried, tested and proven to be a success and the fact that they provide very good training and support.

"I had two weeks of training before launching my business, which was very good in that it provided practice for the type of work I would have to undertake. The training was a mix of classroom and practical work, which was ideal for me because I learn through a mixture of teaching styles."

Ray launched his franchise in 2008 and now turns over around £50,000. He is now moving to a new office location and is aiming to continue growing his business. "I wanted to move to an office to provide me with the space so that I can grow my business by taking on about three employees," he reveals. "I have a large territory and I want to develop my London House franchise to its full potential within it. I feel that there is huge potential in my area and, in fact, my problem is not getting the jobs, but not being able to take on more business.

"In the future I want to be able to spend more time on marketing and developing my business. At the moment I am working all hours to ensure that my franchise is a success, however, I am prepared to do this as my London House franchise is not just a job but a business."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim

Franchise investment requirement

London House offers two investment level options for aspiring franchise owners. The Standard package provides a town-sized exclusive territory and can be secured for £10,750 + VAT, while the Premium package covers a larger, regional territory combining a number of population centres for an investment starting at £19,750 + VAT. Both packages include the same level of comprehensive training, ongoing support, full marketing launch programme and access to a Franchise Help Desk, plus introductions to known clients and recommendations on local networking events.