A franchise that offers variety and flexibility

Looking for a franchise that provides interesting and varied work, Robert Bennett found his ideal business with London House. Derin Ibrahim interviews

Having established a network of franchised specialists in financial and commercial investigation, London House is proving to be an interesting and financially rewarding business for its franchisees. It was the varied work that a London House franchise entails that attracted Robert Bennett to the company. 'I was previously in the marines for 12 years,' says Robert. 'When I left I began working in the security industry, first in the UK working in surveillance and as a bodyguard and then in the Middle East. I came back to the UK in 2005 and was doing security training, which was when I met my partner. This led me to look for an opportunity which would allow me to be at home more, and franchising fitted the bill.

'The London House franchise appealed to me because, while I can work from home, the work is still interesting and varied. I was also impressed with the feedback from the existing franchisees - they didn't have a bad word said about the London House franchise.'

Prior to launching his Birmingham-based business in November 2007, Robert received two weeks' training. 'The training was excellent, I would give it 10 out of 10,' Robert remarks. 'It covered everything I needed to know for running my business and was very detailed. The ongoing support has also been excellent - there is always someone available if I need help with anything. I have also benefited from business referrals from other franchisees, which has been a big help.'

Robert expects to exceed his year one target turnover of £20,000, but as well as the financial rewards he also enjoys the lifestyle benefits that comes from beiong a London House franchisee. 'The flexible working hours and interesting work combine to provide a business that I really enjoy running.'

Robert is already looking at the potential to expand his business: 'This year I'm going to look into bringing in employees to assist me, and I can definitely see the potential is there to expand my business further.'

If you're looking for a franchise that provides interesting and varied work, while still giving you the flexibility that comes from owning your own business, then London House could be the business for you.

Get Results...
as a Professional Investigator

A specialist in financial and commercial investigation, London House was established 12 years ago and now spans a network of 40 franchised offices nationwide. Franchisees provide a range of specialist services to blue chip clients such as Barclays Bank, HSBC Group and Dixons Stores Group, including:

•Asset tracing

•Company searches

•Witness statements

•Status reports

•Pre-employment screening for drugs & alcohol

The Franchise Package:

London House has developed a turnkey franchise package which includes:

•Comprehensive training

•Ongoing support and backup

• Franchisee Help Desk

•Full marketing launch programme including press releases, local market research, articles & mailshots

•Introductions to known clients

•Recommendations on local networking events

•Exclusive territory: Standard or Premium

Standard or Premium?

London House is opening up new territories across the UK with the introduction of two investment levels:

Standard: £9,500 Town sized population centres such as Plymouth, Gloucester, Stoke or Aberdeen.

Premium: From £17,500 Regional territories combining a number of population centres.

Both packages provide the same level of training, launch and ongoing support to ensure you maximise the business potential of your investment.