"Running my London House business fits in well with my family life"

Despite only launching her London House franchise in September last year, Jo-Anne Ozmen has already purchased a second and third territory

Within four months of launching her London House franchise, Jo-Anne Ozmen has already purchased two new territories. "I launched my Luton-based franchise in September 2009 and in January this year I launched a second and third territory, which jointly covers the Stevenage and St Albans areas," Jo-Anne reveals. "At the moment I am concentrating on establishing my business and marketing it as much as possible so that it will be financially successful."

Jo-Anne began looking into franchising as she wanted a change from her career in Human Resources. "My last position was as head of HR, however for a long time I felt that this wasn't the right career for me but didn't know what else to do," she recalls. "I looked at The Franchise Magazine and at its website where I came across the London House opportunity. London House appealed to me because it would allow me to use the skills I had gained working in HR, the set-up was very professional and I was impressed with the company overall."

Despite the fact that Jo-Anne's previous career provided her with a lot of the skills she would need for running her London House franchise she still found the training provided useful. "I had very thorough training over two weeks, which was very intensive," she explains. "The training took place everyday, some nights and included homework over the weekend. During the training I was also given the types of jobs that I would have to deal with when I started operating to make sure I was comfortable with the work.

"After the training finished I have had ongoing support from head office, which has continued since I launched my business. Although the work is not the same as in HR the skills required to do the job are very similar, especially my years of dealing with people. I would say having good people skills is vital for operating a London House business."

Targeting a year one turnover of £40,000, Jo-Anne is working hard to make her business a success. "Although I'm working very hard at the moment because I'm enjoying what I do I feel relaxed," she says. "I enjoy the independence that running my own business brings and the fact that I know that the work I put in I will get out, which I have seen happen already.

"I also like having the support that I get from the London House head office. I have found that it has been easy to set up my franchise and marketing it has been easier than I expected. London House is a well established brand, with an experienced head office team and a national framework, all of which helps to attract clients."

Despite working hard on her business Jo-Anne's work/life balance has already started to improve: "Running my London House business fits in well with my family life much more than my previous job and I now get to see my husband more, who might even come to work with me in the future."

Reported by Derin Ibrahim