A franchise opportunity with a global reputation

London House International is a financial and commercial investigations franchise that provides a comprehensive range of investigative services to clients all over the world.

Focus On International Work

Reflecting the growing demand for its services abroad, London House rebranded itself to London House International in March 2009 to become one of the leaders in providing investigative services across the world.

London House has a large and reliable network of agents around the world who work to the highest standards and within the relevant laws of the country in which they are operating. They can provide a full range of services overseas including, trace, surveillance, discreet enquiries, asset investigations and process serving.

Case Study

London House International was approached by a client who had entered into a verbal agreement with a colleague at a dinner party to open a music bar in Venice. However, the colleague had gone missing, owing our client a substantial amount of money.

Our client described how, over a period of six months, they had transferred funds in excess of £170,000 into a business account to cover the costs of refurbishing the bar.

A few months later he visited to see how the work was going, only to discover the bar was closed and the partner had vanished.

London House took the case on and appointed local lawyers Geoffrey Leaver to work with us in an attempt to recover the money.

We travelled to Italy and, by using field-based tracing enquiries, we managed to locate the missing colleague. Shortly after this, there followed a four-day covert surveillance operation, which helped us to identify assets valued at €350,000. Geoffrey Leaver then obtained a judgement in the High Court for in excess of £200,000 plus costs, which led to an order being registered in Venice to freeze all assets, which were later sold by the Italian Judiciary in order to reimburse our client.

London House International’s franchise owners can help their clients reduce risk, save money and give their businesses the competitive edge by offering the following services.

Trace Enquiries

Find absconded debtors, tenants, individuals and businesses

Commercial Debt Collection

Collect outstanding debt from evasive customers

Process Serving Legal Documents

Serve legal orders nationwide

Status Reporting

Make better business decisions using ‘intelligence’ reports

Discreet Enquiries

Evaluate information, which cannot be found on databases

Surveillance Operations

Keep a watchful eye on activities

Fraud Investigations

Reduce risk through preventative consultancy

Internal Theft And Undercover Staff Investigations

Gather evidence before taking action

Drug Screening In The Workplace

Adopt policies that reduce the impact of employee drug abuse within a business

Statement Taking

Use an experienced investigator to take statements

Mystery Shopper

Monitor customer service levels and staff integrity

Credit Control

Keep cash flowing. Remember: a sale is not a sale until a payment has been made

Tenant Screening

Cut risk with checks on credit, employment, County Court Judgements and previous landlord reports

Client Testimonials

“Santander has experienced a strong professional relationship with London House International. Their standard of work has always met our requirements.”

“London House’s professionalism means fewer hurdles for us to cross. They do the job once and do it right.”

“We at NatWest utilise the services of London House International and enjoy a very good relationship with them.”

Franchise Owner Testimonials

John Whitewood (Taunton) (pictured right, top)
“My business has developed more quickly than I expected. By following my business plan, I expect my London House franchise to experience controlled growth over the next five years.”

Jim Davis (Bournemouth & Solent) (pictured right, centre)
“The support has been great – if there is anything you need they are there. I’m still expanding from my current turnover of £70,000.”

David Degiorgio (Ipswich & Colchester) (pictured right, bottom)
“I felt comfortable working with the head office team, who I found reassuring.”

Key Benefits

  • Brand reputation and credibility
  • Some client business referred from head office
  • Established for some 15 plus years
  • A portfolio of blue-chip client companies
  • Professional white collar operation
  • No money invested in stock
  • Can satisfactorily work from a home office
  • Great lifestyle of variety
  • Flexible hours of work
  • Minimal overheads

Franchise Package

London House, established in 1995, offers two investment level options for aspiring franchise owners. Its Standard package provides a town-sized exclusive territory and can be secured for £10,750 + VAT, while its Premium package covers a larger, regional territory combining a number of population centres for an investment starting at £19,750 + VAT. Both packages include the same level of comprehensive training, ongoing support, full marketing launch programme and access to a Franchise Help Desk, plus introductions to known clients and recommendations about local networking events.

The Facts:

  • One person is declared bankrupt or insolvent in the UK every five minutes
  • UK debt grows by £1m every eight minutes!
  • Amount of interest paid in the UK every day: £263 million