London House: Tap into a growing market

London House is the brand leader in the provision of private and commercial investigation services. There is a network of franchisees throughout the UK with key territories still available.

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Karen Barnes
Brighton, Surrey & North Sussex
Launched May 2003

'The most obvious change in my life is that I now have one. I'm now very busy and often work weekends, if there's a family event I can organise to work round it. I've got more than enough work to handle as a sole trader, and there is enough potential business now to grow significantly when my husband Tony becomes involved full-time after completing his career.'

David Degiorgio
Norwich, Ipswich & Colchester
Launched July 2005

'London House stood out from the other management-type franchise opportunities I examined. I was looking for a business I could operate from home, with no staff requirement and an element of control over what I do. I visited a number of professional brands, but none stood out until I met the London House team. It is a change from being stuck in an office. I enjoy most the investigation side of the business - being given the basic information and then going out and finding a person.'

Spearheading London House's drive to build its national account work provided to franchisees, Mark Blaber talks to Stuart Anderson

National account work is the new focus for London House with the appointment of New Business Development Director Mark Blaber. Formerly an Area Business Manager with Abbey, Mark has been brought on board at the company's head office to drive the national profile of the risk control services franchise and build the business coming in on national accounts, which is then passed on to franchisees in the relevant postcodes.

'We have recognised that with the current state of the national economy there are more clients that need our expertise in financial and commercial investigation,' reflects Director Godfrey Lancashire, who is the current President of the Credit Services Association. 'Mark has joined us to tap into a growing market by promoting our services to new national clients and winning extra referral business for our franchisees. As well as the additional national work provided to franchisees, his efforts will increase our brand awareness making the franchisees' own local sales efforts more effective.'

Mark adds: 'Demand for London House's range of services to corporate clients seems to be growing at a phenomenal rate. It's a well-established business with a good name in the market.'