The importance of recruiting a good franchise lawyer

Although the UK does not yet have any legal franchise regulations, legal disputes can arise between franchisors and franchise owners. If a franchise becomes involved in a legal issue it can prove to be a costly and time-consuming process for the franchisor. Fortunately there are lawyers who specialise in franchising to help you if you do find yourself in this position.

Solicitors and lawyers usually specialise in a certain aspect of the law, for example a criminal lawyer will either defend or prosecute a defendant appearing in a criminal court. Most legal disputes involving a franchisor will take place in a civil court, which deals with disputes between private individuals. Civil law covers a vast range of legal cases, from business disputes to divorce proceedings.

Within civil law there are many different types of company lawyers covering corporate law, some of who may have experience in franchise disputes, however it is advisable that when you need legal advice you go to a franchise lawyer, as they will have up-to-date information on the industry’s regulations and recent legal issues.

Do not think that just because your franchise opportunity is established and successful, with thorough training and support systems in place to help your franchise owners to succeed, that you will not encounter legal disputes. Remember that not only do franchise owners start legal disputes with franchisors, sometimes it is the franchisor that instigates legal proceedings again a franchise owner. If you feel that a franchise owner has broken their contract with you, for example by breaking part of the Franchise Agreement, you will need to contact a good franchise lawyer to see where you stand legally.

When drawing up a Franchise Agreement it is essential that you have a franchise lawyer look through the document, as this will be your main method of protecting the franchise. The franchise lawyer will be able to help you with what you should include within the agreement in an effort to prevent future legal disputes by either you as a franchisor or one of your franchise owners.

No franchisor is immune from the possibility of becoming involved in a legal dispute, so it is a good idea to have built up a professional relationship with a trusted franchise lawyer in case one day you need their advice or services in resolving a dispute. By having a franchise lawyer already familiar with the franchise when a legal issue does arise, it could prevent it from resulting into a long and costly process.