Unique and truly innovative: Macc seeks passionate UK franchise owners

The Franchise Magazine spoke to franchise manager François Kolz, and discovered this ambitious brand’s plans for its British franchise owners, who can expect fast returns on their investment.

What shines through when hearing François Kolz of MACC speak about this growing, France-based company and its plans for the future, is his passion and belief in the products it offers, and the golden opportunity that awaits the new franchise owners it is targeting here in the UK.

He says: “If there is one unique franchise, it really is MACC, because in other franchises on the market, you always have competitors. All the products we sell are ideas from our customers. We are the only company that goes and asks tradesmen what they need for their work, and together, we develop new products that improve what is already on the market.”

MACC is both proactive, and importantly, reactive, in the way it responds to the needs of the building industry tradespeople that constitute its clientele. What makes MACC unique, for François, is that this innovative strategy to product creation revolves around listening to what the people that really use them want, based on functionality lacking in conventional building tools.

Established in France for close to 60 years, the family-run company boasts decades of experience and collected trade knowledge. Its outstanding reputation, based on its self-developed, innovative construction tools and equipment, which are produced by its partners in France, has been instrumental in MACC’s spread across Europe, and to the UK some 15 years ago.

There are already two company-owned MACC outlets in Britain, one in Cambridge, one in Cheshire, and it is keen to build on this base, starting in England. François comments: “We have 22 areas in England, we would like to have three franchises this year, and after that we will target five every year.”

The franchise opportunity Such a driven and motivated company is seeking individuals to match. While owning and making a success of a MACC franchise does not require prior sales experience, it does need dedicated hard-workers, who are prepared to get up in the morning whatever the weather and convince tradespeople of the obvious benefits of upgrading their equipment. François elaborates: “You don’t necessarily need to be a salesman, because we will teach you exactly how to sell. What is very important is humility, personality and people-skills, you need to be able to convince other people. You also have to organise your day every day. Usually it is the same as the tradesman’s day, so you may have your first appointment at 07:30. You can catch people that start early like joiners for example, then you work during the day, make some appointments and do some cold calling.

“Late afternoon, you make your appointments for the next day. What is important also is to clean the database with the help of your customers during the day, and then do some internet research, because even if you have a refreshed database, you still need to find phone numbers and things like that.”

New MACC franchise owners will receive everything required to run their new business, with total support from the franchisor, and are provided with the tools, resources and importantly, the peace of mind to be stepping into a proven business model that has been refined and which benefits from constant development. In short, it is only getting stronger, and the range of products- all of which come with lifetime warranties- always getting larger.

Training is an extremely efficient process, meaning franchise owners will fast be ready to go out and start making money, safe in the knowledge that extra support is available if needed.

François says: “Training is very important for us; we want to do it properly. Basic training takes place at the head office in France, at the brand new European training centre. There you will learn in one week how to use the products, of which we currently have about 50. You learn how to use the onboard computer system, which helps with everything from booking appointments to printing orders and aftersales service.

“You then go to your territory. The first week, I will be with the franchise owner, showing them how it works, how to make appointments and we will even do the first sales. It is always one-to-one training.

“Then the franchise owner has one week alone. After that, they will try to sell alone. Usually you can do the job independently after three or four weeks. After that, I am always just a call away.”

The fast turnaround time will be a strong additional selling tool, with orders sent the next day from the French factory to clients, and franchise owners never needing to handle stock themselves.

Although selling the tools requires hard work, François stressed that it is a Monday to Friday job, with weekends, Christmas and Easter holidays free and extra hours not required.

For an £18,900 plus VAT, and finance for the van, investors gain access to a strong catalogue of industry-leading products which can be sold with the honest belief that they are worth the clients’ money. Franchise owners can expect a good return, even in the first year, because they are immediately able to make money. MACC appears even better value when considering that after three years, gross profits are expected to be £60,000.

François concludes: “This is the kind of job that you really have to like and feel at ease doing, but tradesmen are very pleasant people and nice to work with. We have a dedicated work portal, and as you buy everything from MACC, it is very straightforward. You have the cost of your van and its fuel, the telephone, the PDQ, and then you buy the equipment from MACC; that’s it. It is a franchise with fantastic potential.”