Make a safe bet with Magenta Casino Xpress

The Magenta Casino Xpress concept

Magenta Casino Xpress is a leisure concept based around gambling, properly known as an Adult Gaming Centre (AGC).

As well as offering the latest in video gaming machines from top manufacturers, with the best performing content on the market, it has two proprietary systems that make it more attractive to potential customers than most other AGCs, be they stand alone or part of a larger chain:

Magenta Live Wheel Roulette Multiplayer – Live wheel roulette is perceived as being fairer and a less harsh game than roulette offered in Bookmakers, it takes casino gameplay, on casino quality equipment and brings it to the high street.

Magenta Player Loyalty Bonus system – The best way of rewarding customer loyalty in this business is by awarding cash bonuses to players. The Magenta system is absolutely the best way of managing this process: it compels players to play for longer and offers prizes independent of the machines that are in use.

It is important to remember that only Casino Xpress franchise owners have access to these two fantastic systems. The value that they bring to a site is enormous and they really can be the difference between an average AGC and a brilliant and profitable AGC.

In addition, there is a food / beverage offering over and above the usual tea and biscuits often associated with competitor arcades.

Your role as a franchise owner

The primary responsibility that you have, to yourself and to us as franchisor, is simply to work smart and hard to attract customers to your venue. The machine mix that we will help you to select will do its job in terms of engaging customers and generating revenue for your business, but the machines can best do that with the highest throughput of players possible.

Excellent training

To get you off to a solid start in making a real success of your Magenta Casino Xpress franchise, you will participate in our induction training course. By the end of the course, you will have a strong understanding of how this business works and it is the single most significant factor that contributes to your success. It covers these key business topics:

  • Site selection and acquisition including leases, purchase etc
  • Licensing – all aspects of licensing and The Gambling Act 2005
  • Gaming machines overview, including the kit that will feature in your AGC
  • Live wheel roulette
  • Exclusive Player Loyalty
  • Bonus System
  • Local marketing plans and methods
  • Customer service in the AGC
  • The food / beverage offer
  • Staff recruitment, staff contracts, management and motivation
  • Day-to-day site operations including cash count/reconciliation
  • Personal Functional Licence (PFL) training

Franchise cost

The Magenta Casino Xpress franchise fee is £15,000 + VAT. In addition, you will need to budget a minimum of £60,000 to invest in fitting out, equipping, marketing the opening of your venue and providing the necessary working capital/float to properly run the business. Finance packages are available.

We levy a monthly fee on each franchise in the network, which is made up of four elements:

  • Management charges
  • Magenta Live Wheel Roulette and Magenta Player Loyalty Bonus
  • Maintenance charges
  • Advertising fund contribution

In total, the annual franchise cost is a little over £300 per week for you to have no other responsibilities other than to take care of successfully operating your business, attracting customers to your own venue and looking after them once they are there.

Who are we looking for?

You must want to run your own successful Adult Gaming Centre, to be your own boss while following our proven systems and allowing the Magenta Casino Xpress brand to work for you.

If you have the motivation, skills and necessary funding to become part of this fast growing brand and you want to enjoy the financial security and benefits that operating a successful business will bring to you, then please contact us for more information.

The franchise package

You get from us everything that is necessary to set up, open and run a very successful Adult Gaming Centre using our proven processes, systems and brand.

  • Rights to the Magenta Casino Xpress brand in an exclusive territory
  • Site selection and fit out assistance
  • Magenta Multiplayer Live, Real Wheel Roulette System
  • Magenta Player Loyalty Bonus system
  • Equipment selection assistance and access to our industry leading supply deals
  • Licensing application process guidance and management
  • Training for you and your staff in all aspects of licensing and compliance
  • Uniforms
  • Group marketing programmes, player competitions and tournaments
  • Assistance with your local marketing programme design and delivery
  • Continuous support, business reviews and input of ideas from head office