Mail Boxes Etc (MBE): 'The future is growth'

An accidental discovery led to an award-winning business for Steve Sleigh.

With over 5,800 centres worldwide and over 100 in the UK and Ireland, Mail Boxes Etc (MBE) has developed a strong business-to-business service which is also increasingly in demand from the public - providing communication and postal services including mail boxes, packing and shipping. 'As businesses outsource more and more of their services, and the postal network slims down, the future for MBE is growth,' reflects Colchester franchisee Steve Sleigh.

With a background in printing, both on the shop floor and later in management, Steve began looking for a franchise in order to build a business for himself and it was then that he came across the MBE franchise opportunity... albeit accidentally.

'I was flicking through radio stations while in the car when I came across an interview with an MBE franchisee, and I immediately recognised the demand for its multi-core services.'

After visiting head office, Steve signed up to open his own MBE centre and launched his business in 2001. 'With the MBE franchise you aren't getting things going from scratch - it is a turnkey business with the systems, shop design and branding done for you,' he relates. 'The franchisor has put a lot into developing the training, and the classroom and onsite education really gives you a good background in the business. I even had assistance in securing my premises.'

Five years later Steve was named MBE 'Franchisee of the Year' in recognition of his outstanding achievements and business development. In addition to his excellent record of growth, the award also recognised Steve's contribution to the overall success of MBE and his work as a member of the franchise's Network Council.

Subsequently, Steve received two more accolades, this time from his local Chamber of Commerce, who recognised his business with customer service and business-to-business awards.

'The business is on track and where I want it to be,' Steve reflects. 'Some MBE franchisees have opened additional centres and there are several locations that would provide good opportunities nearby, so that is an option for the future.'

Your future in your hands...
People from all walks of life have become successful Mail Boxes Etc. franchisees. Your Mail Boxes Etc. centre will offer a wide range of services including, Worldwide Parcel Delivery, Packaging Services, Digital Copy and Print, Mailbox Rental and Mailing services to local businesses and the general public.

We offer a fully comprehensive franchise package, inlcuding training and marketing as well as help with site selection, lease negotiation, financial planning and unrivalled ongoing support.

MBE is looking for new franchisees to join its network of over 100 centres in the UK and Ireland. MBE I nc. is part of the UPS group with 600 centres worldwide.

Interview by Stuart Anderson