McDonald's: A Franchise that's Streets Ahead

How McDonald's new contemporary look is changing sales on the high street...

A Bright Move Forward...
At McDonald's, we never take our enviable success, and that of our franchisees, for granted. We have become the leading brand that's known throughout the world through constantly moving with the times.

As lifestyles change so do we. By keeping in tune with the ever-changing marketplace and ensuring that we have the ability to swiftly react, our brand keeps its competitive edge and is more than ready to meet any challenges that are thrown our way.

The New Look on the High Street
Something very exciting and new is happening on the high street at McDonald's. Today's customers want not only a wide choice of great-value menu options but also to be able to enjoy them in a McDonald's restaurant that presents a more relaxed and highly contemporary environment.

So we've developed and launched a whole new look for McDonald's high street restaurants. It's a striking bold new design, both outside and in. It's the look that's sophisticated and modern and certainly catches the eye.

Clean and bright, it offers our customers just the cafe-style experience they have been looking for where they can relax, chat and eat. Quite simply, it fits in with their lifestyles and that means it is pulling them in off the high street and driving increased sales and profits for our franchisees.

In short, the impact of the transformation speaks for itself.

In Search of Something Different?
Being a McDonald's franchisee is all about being hands on, totally involved, forward-thinking and above all, committed. You need extraordinary talents and should not be afraid to work your socks off to achieve success. It's certainly not a career for the faint-hearted, but in exchange you can depend upon the support, experience and strength of a global company operations network that's frankly unbeatable.

Our belief in our world-renowned brand is supreme and whole-hearted support of our franchisee community is of the utmost importance to us. And as you'll see, we back our words with solid, down-to-earth action.