Hard work. Passion. Dedication.

That’s what makes our franchisees. That’s what makes McDonald’s.

Afia Sirkhot,
McDonald’s Franchisee

“How would I sum up investing in a McDonald’s franchise? One word, confidence.

Confidence that I have invested in a strong and relevant brand. Confidence that it’s a brand which keeps close to its customers and understands that business never stands still. Confidence in the fundamentals, with the most proven restaurant model in the world, delivering consistent quality, service and cleanliness.

And, most of all, confidence that I’ve made the right decision. It’s about being your own boss, but not being on your own. Knowing that your expertise and local touch is valued, and is central to the business. And knowing that you have the back up of the expertise and experience of a leading-edge brand.

Whether it’s award-winning training schemes, innovative marketing programmes, fi rst-rate restaurant design or new, smarter ways of working, McDonald’s is always on the front foot. I ran my own retail business for years, and I love that owning and operating a McDonald’s franchise gives me the opportunity to put that hands-on knowledge to work, seeing the big picture, but never losing sight of the details.

One of the proudest moments of my business life was when my fi rst McDonald’s restaurant started to grow in sales and customer satisfaction. It’s a great feeling when your business is firing on all cylinders and delivering success.

What’s even better is that I was able to share this success in my community. I’ve created new job opportunities here in the West Midlands, where I grew up. Critically, every job at McDonald’s provides access to an award-winning training programme, including the chance to gain externally recognised qualifications.

My franchise has expanded with a second restaurant and I’ve also invested in a bold new look with a cutting-edge design. I’m proud of the investment I’ve made, and the impact it’s having on the communities I am proud to serve.”

- 15th October
Marriott Leicester, Smith Way, Grove Park
Enderby, Leicester LE19 1SW

- 11th November
Marriott Newcastle MetroCentre
MetroCentre, Gateshead NE11 9XF

- 30th September and 1st October
The National Franchise Exhibition
NEC Birmingham B40 1NT

Type of Franchise: Restaurant
Industry Sector: Food & Drink
Ideal Franchisee Profile: Flexible, determined people with proven management skills and ambitions to operate more than one restaurant.
Year Established in UK: 1974
Franchising Since: 1986 in the UK
Number of Franchisees (UK): 159