'It's the smartest move I ever made'

Meet Cos Costantinou. He's been aMcDonald's franchisee for over twenty years. He is also one of the first to sign up to an additional twenty year term which is part of our ongoing commitment to our franchisees.He already has four successful franchises in the Lewisham area of London and is still looking to expand his business. So what drew him to becoming one of our franchisees in the first place? We'll let him tell you in his own words.

'Right from the start, I saw McDonald's offered more'
'I'd worked in all kinds of areas before - like doing the payroll for my father's shoe factory. I had other managerial experience in the retail sector as well but when McDonald's first came to Britain I saw what a professional outfit they were and how they were streets ahead of the others. McDonald's had the systems, the standards... were cleaner, more organised, more people orientated. I was frankly impressed by their operation. I would have bitten their hands off to get a franchise - fortunately I didn't have to.'

'They get the best out of people'
'McDonald's is all about managing people and getting the best out of them as well as the business. They have a big heart for the person that cares and does their best for the system.Whatever help you need, they give it. I respect that and they have demonstrated it on many occasions.

Everything is upfront and above board so you know where you stand. Sure at the start, my feet didn't touch the ground - well, you have to be committed. I worked hard guiding and training and developed a nice team - that's around 250 people now and they all get the opportunities to progress. It's a good feeling.'

'Sales have increased phenomenally'
'You've got to give the public what they want and be progressive - McDonald's is all about that. Take this new look and the great new choice of products - since our refurbishment, we've had double-digit increases in sales. Customers like the modern, more relaxed and comfortable café style environment - the investment pays because the customers love it. I get all ages in and they keep coming back, day after day. What more can you say. It works.'

'I'd encourage others'
'As I said before, it's a progressive company that moves with the times and that's important - it doesn't take the world-wide success of its brand for granted. I'd encourage others to become franchisees for sure - if you've got the business acumen you'll succeed and, after twenty years, I feel I should know. I've even recommended one of my sons to do the same - that's how confident I feel about the opportunities. It's certainly the smartest move I ever made.'