McDonald’s basks in Olympic glory

As an official sponsor of the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, McDonald’s not only opened restaurants in the Olympic park but also helped to select and train a diverse range of Games Maker volunteers.

McDonald’s utilised its expertise in customer service and people development to help train 2,500 volunteer interviewers throughout 2011 to spot individuals who were enthusiastic and who had the dedication to stick with the programme throughout the training and games.

Of the 2,500 volunteer interviewers, 1,800 were trained at McDonald’s training facilities in East Finchley.

As well as its successful training programme, McDonald’s four restaurants within the Olympic park also proved a success. Prior to the games, McDonald’s had anticipated serving one-in-10 meals to spectators and athletes, but in reality found this number doubled. According to the company, customers chose McDonald’s because of its quick and friendly service, its wide-ranging menu that included its standard offerings, as well as lighter choices, and its contemporary and comfortable restaurants.