Oriana Doritou, McDonald’s Franchisee

Oriana Doritou began her McDonald’s career as a restaurant crew member in Shepherds Bush in the late seventies whilst studying before working her way up the ranks and becoming a McDonald’s franchisee. During this time she built up a bank of hands on business experience which proved invaluable for when she took on her first restaurant in 1998.

Today she owns five restaurants across Essex and is a highly respected businesswoman within the organization having recently been appointed as the lead franchisee representative on the main planning committee for the whole of the McDonald’s UK business.

However the recognition doesn’t stop there…

Over recent years Oriana has also been cited as the Essex ‘Business Woman of the Year’, which is testament to her enthusiasm for and involvement in the local community in which she operates having built up excellent links with local opinion formers, police and other local business associations.

“It’s true that McDonald’s has changed a lot since my days as a crew member in the late 1970s!”

Oriana has consistently proved to be an exemplary McDonald’s franchisee, striving to set and achieve high standards across every area of the business. Her eye for detail is unrivalled and she has always displayed a strong understanding of good profi t control which is why she has been instrumental in the development and implementation of several signifi cant, progressive business moves.

Oriana comments; “It’s true that McDonald’s has changed a lot since my days as a crew member in the late seventies! Arguably, it’s that ability to change that makes our business so successful. McDonald’s capacity to move with the times and respond to customers’ changing needs is what marks us out from the competition.”

The McDonald’s franchisee system is based on a standard contract of a minimum of 20 years – which demands and ensures a long-term commitment whilst enabling the franchisee to be in a good position to build and expand their business. In addition to the long-term commitment, the hard-work involved should not be underestimated and each franchisee has to have a hands-on approach to ensure each business is successful.

Hard work. Passion. Dedication.

That’s what makes our franchisees.
That’s what makes McDonald’s.

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