McDonald's offers a bright future

Mike Smith has been aMcDonald's franchisee for nine years and runs four restaurants in South London.

Having been a huge fan of the brand throughout his childhood and teenage years, he first joined McDonald's as an employee at the age of 19 whilst he was still at college, having been attracted to the company by the progressive nature of the business. From there he worked his way up the business to eventually becoming a franchisee in 2001 and has now been with the company for a total of 24 years....

"McDonald's offers a brighter future all round"

"McDonald's allowed me to work my way up the career ladder right from the shop floor. The support and education they have provided along the way has been second to none and has helped me develop the skills needed to become a successful franchisee.

"McDonald's is firmly committed to investing in its people - keeping a good, motivated team is vital to maintaining your restaurant success. I encourage the ongoing development of my staff. At the moment I have twelve employees on our apprenticeships scheme. I also ensure that everyone has access to the internet provided in the staff room so that they can study for the English andMaths qualifications thatMcDonald's provides through its employee website. By offering our people these tools and qualifications we are giving them the chance to grow and develop within the business."

"Working with a brand like McDonald's is an outstanding business opportunity - why wouldn't you want to be part of it?"

"The company as a whole is currently experiencing exceptionally strong business momentum and continues to outperform the market. McDonald's not only listens to its customers but also acts on what they say they want. It's a progressive company thatmoves with the times and doesn't take the brand's world-wide success for granted. The new look restaurant environment is a good example of this - I invested in the new look by reimaging three of my restaurants and the effect was instant.It drew customers in like a magnet and it's moves like this that helped to drive record sales growth in my restaurants in 2009."

"There's no better company to help you achieve success than McDonald's"

"McDonald's also encourages its franchisees to get involvedwith their local community and this is something that is integral to the way I do business. Each year I put on a variety of football events for youngsters and often get involved with local anti-litter campaigns. To me, this is all part of being in a people business and it's why I believe that if you've got the passion, drive and ambition, there's no better company to help you achieve success than McDonald's."

Recently McDonald's has seen record growth within the market place, contrary to the economic climate. This success is largely down to our unwavering commitment to our local franchisees. We continue to invest in them and this in turn gives our franchisees the confidence to make the changes to help them grow their business. Our confidence in our franchisee community pays dividends for both them and us and it has resulted in over two million more customers per month coming through our doors in the UK alone.

Our commitment to offering sustainable products and innovative menu options attracts customers of all ages from a wide range of market sectors. Our investment in the new modern look for our restaurants has significantly lifted sales. Furthermore, we've invested in technologies that enable our franchisees to offer free Wi-Fi and cashless payments, all of which helps to upgrade the overall customer experience. We are also opening more restaurants earlier and closing them later to meet the needs of our customers.

However, as a global company employingmore than 80,000 employees in this country alone, ourmajor investment is in our people. Some 80% of our restaurantmanagement and one in five of our franchisees began as crew members and our long-term commitment to training and support gives them the opportunities to grow with the brand and share in its success. In short, it's a confident picture of an ever-growing brand. Becoming a franchisee partnermakes sound economic sensewhicheverway you look at it - ours is a modern, progressive and successful franchising brand.