Seeking a head start? Let's talk business

Despite a recession the demand for home cleaning remains strong. More and more women are finding they have to go out to work due to financial pressures, thus creating more customer availability.

Government legislation is now encouraging women with older children out into the workplace, thus creating more staff availability. Home owners cannot find good reliable cleaners, thus increasing the demand for the service. These are the elements that will ensure that Merry Maids businesses will be on course for double-digit growth in 2009.

Merry Maids is the biggest domestic cleaning franchise in the world and the biggest domestic cleaning franchise in the UK. We did not get to the size we are without being the best, as you investigate us you will find out why. We are not looking for owner cleaners, we are looking for individuals or couples who can manage a growing business. We work on the principle that, if you grow we grow.

A Merry Maids franchise & full equipment pack costs £15,900. An initial payment of £4,770 is needed, the balance can be financed.

So if you're looking for a business with a thriving future and solid support from a trusted company a Merry Maids cleaning franchise is for you.

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