Merry Maids: Why not go for it?

Having jumped at the chance to take over a Merry Maids management franchise, Rowan McCamley is going from strength to strength.

'When you find an opportunity that you think will work for you, it may be your only chance - so why not go for it!' This was the thinking that led Coventry-based Rowan McCamley to find success with the Merry Maids franchise. 'I found that someone in my area was selling their Merry Maids business and, after looking at the offer in detail, I jumped at the opportunity.'

Launched by the ServiceMaster Group in the USA over 20 years ago, the Merry Maids concept puts its experience to the test by providing services to around 30,000 customers daily. Established in the UK since 1991, Merry Maids has become one of the country's most respected and successful domestic cleaning franchises in a rapidly growing industry. After talks with ServiceMaster, Rowan saw the advantages the franchise format would provide to a business owner. 'The brand is well known,' he says, 'and I knew that this itself would give my business a great boost.'

Gaining a detailed insight into every aspect of the business through Merry Maids' training programme, Rowan was well equipped to launch his business three years ago. While predominantly a management opportunity, Rowan states that there can be a hands-on aspect to it as well: 'I think it's beneficial to get involved with the work yourself so you can truly understand your business. The staff are the backbone of a business and by having great communication skills and by leading from the front, I believe you can get the best out of them. If you've got the personality and the drive, then you can succeed.'

Combining this attitude with sheer determination, Rowan reveals: 'The business as it was had not been run to its full potential. I set about finding and securing new clients and three years on I now have 16 members of staff. The growth has been considerable - it's been hard work but, of course, this is the price of success.'

Throughout this development Rowan reports that Merry Maids, with its team of regional managers, has been great at supporting him with any problems he's encountered. 'Even if it's a simple problem they are there to assist you,' he says.
'Every time I've needed them, Merry Maids has been there.'

Now running his business from larger commercial premises, Rowan is looking forward to his future. 'I'm very pleased with our progress,' he enthuses. 'The growth we've experienced has been phenomenal and I believe the business is going to go from strength to strength.'

Interview by Adam Browning