Smoke Without Fire – EU ruling provides boost for Mirage Cigarettes

Members of European Parliament (MEP’s) have rejected calls for e-cigarettes, of the type the Mirage Cigarettes franchise distribute, to be subject to the same regulation as nicotine replacement therapies such as gum and nicotine patches.

The ruling means that e-cigarettes can continue to be sold independently of legislation that would have restricted the way in which they could be distributed – as a medicinal therapy as opposed to a healthier alternative to tobacco cigarettes.

Tim Latham of Mirage Cigarettes commented on the ruling: “It was a very welcome decision and we support it fully. We are careful not to position e-cigarettes as a cure for smoking, but rather as a cheaper and healthier alternative. Classification as a medicine would have crippled our fledgling industry with very lengthy and hugely costly procedures, withdrawing the product from the market and forcing over a million customers to go back to tobacco.

“There is a significant and increasing natural demand for e-cigarettes and this ruling will stimulate that further, but the real plus is that it takes away the issue of potential over regulation of the market, thereby removing the unwelcome risk associated with that.”

This ruling from the EU Parliament makes Mirage Cigarettes an even more attractive prospect for potential investors as it ensures the e-cigarette industry can continue its impressive expansion.