A day in the life of a Molly Maid franchise owner

Regina MacDonald

Management franchise MOLLY MAID operates within a secure business sector delivering high quality, reliable domestic cleaning to thousands of homes across the UK. Regina MacDonald runs MOLLY MAID Bath and provides an insight into a typical day running her successful territory.

6:45am – Once I have turned my mobile alarm off, I check it for any texts from staff or customers. A customer has sent a text to say there has been a flood overnight and could I move today’s clean time from morning to afternoon.

7:00am – I scan the relevant Route Manager’s schedule and we can accommodate the customer’s wishes. I text my staff to advise changes and confirm afternoon slot to customer.

7:30am – I check my emails before heading off for my first appointment – I have received three new requests for estimates. Make a note of the telephone numbers so I can call and arrange appointments later. I should be hearing the result of estimates I have made for two very lucrative cleans today. I answer an email from a letting agent asking if I can call in and pick up keys so I can provide an estimate for a clean needed for tomorrow. Send a text to standby team to make them aware of this.

8:00am – I divert my office phone to my mobile to capture any calls before I leave for my first appointment, which is an ‘initial’ clean. Driving through the Wiltshire countryside is absolutely breathtaking and one of the perks of the job!

8:30am – I arrive at the customer’s house and introduce my staff before touring the home to highlight areas of importance. I confirm to the customer that I will make a courtesy call later in the day to ensure all has gone well.

8:45am – Receive a text request from a customer for additional cleans next week. Confirm receipt and make a note to check the schedules when I get back to the office so I can get back to customer. 9:00am – Visit an elderly man to provide an estimate to clean his house. We develop a rapport and I confirm that his cleaning team will comprise the same ladies each time and will also help him change the bed linen.

9:30am – Check mobile and everything is going well with all my teams. I follow up email requests received earlier and book appointments.

9:45am – Pick up keys from estate agent and carry out estimate, submit quote and book clean.

10:30am – Visit my team carrying out a moving out clean before picking up a message from support office confirming we are well on our way to achieving a place on the Franchise Owner Incentive – a trip for two to St. Lucia. We have worked very hard this year and this has come as welcome news!

11:30am – Carry out a quality check at a clean and pleasantly surprised that the customer is there to ask if I could carry out an in-home estimate at elderly relative’s property, which I put in my diary.

12:00pm – Text from one of my Route Managers who asks me to book an appointment with a potential customer who received a MOLLY MAID flyer in the street.

12:30pm – Back to the office to catch up on administration, open the mail and contact customer who called earlier wanting to book a clean next week.

1:00pm – I order flowers for a loyal customer who is coming out of hospital following a serious operation.

1:30pm – I have lunch with my husband John, who then carries out ‘Welfare and Safety on the Road’ training with Team 1, in line with support office guidelines. I sit in as I am also being trained. We place great emphasis on training as we have seven cars on the road and 16 members of staff.

2:00pm – Back at my desk where I deal with my emails. Yes! I have won one of the contracts I had provided an estimate for. This is particularly satisfying as the final decision was based on customer testimonials and our guarantee of service. Called the customer and arranged start date.

3:00pm – Preparation of customers’ sheets and keys for tomorrow’s Route Manager’s meeting.

4:30pm – I have my final appointment of the day with a customer. Her cleaning lady is on holiday for a month so I book her service to start next week as well as a spring clean for next year.

5:45pm – More emails to look at. Delighted to receive confirmation from another new customer.

5:55pm – Receive an urgent call from someone whose cleaning company has let them down and they are moving out tomorrow afternoon. I say we are delighted to step in and help and call my standby team to arrange a pick up time.

6:15pm – I make a courtesy call to the customer who had the ‘initial’ clean this morning. They are very happy and delighted with service. I text my team to pass on the compliments.