'An investment opportunity with great growth potential'

For award-winning franchise owner Angela Lofthouse, becoming her own boss has not only given her a great sense of job satisfaction - it has also given her the opportunity to build a career, run a household and look after her children on her own terms

With three children and a house to run, becoming her own boss was the only way Angela Lofthouse could see herself juggling the demands of a full-time career with her family successfully. As she had no previous experience of running her own business, Angela could not risk 'stumbling in the dark,' building a business through trial and error, so decided to invest in established, domestic cleaning franchise MOLLY MAID.

Following four years of successful growth, Angela has built up her Chesterfield-based business to an annual turnover of £194,000 with 10 cleaning staff and five cars on the road.

"I am pleased I made the decision to invest in MOLLY MAID," reflects Angela. "Although starting up and running my own business has been a lot of hard work - especially in the first year when I was establishing the business, it is very rewarding. Building the business has boosted my confidence and enabled me to maintain a comfortable lifestyle. I have finally gained control of my work/life balance and, for the first time, am able to comfortably juggle working with being a mother! While receiving positive feedback from our customers and seeing our business grow through word of mouth referrals, continues to give me a great deal of job satisfaction."

Before joining MOLLY MAID Angela worked as a personal assistant. While she enjoyed the job and the fact she was able to earn her own money, she felt torn between her responsibilities as a mother and her job. "My employer was very understanding with regards to my family commitments, however it was difficult juggling things like the morning school run or when one of my children was sick and needed time off, with work.

"My boss realised I was struggling to juggle everything but knew I was determined to work full-time so suggested I investigate franchising. He knew the CEO of MOLLY MAID UK Pam Bader and recommended that I speak to her about my situation and what I was looking to achieve."

When Angela spoke to MOLLY MAID, she was in awe of their professionalism and could see that the investment opportunity had great growth potential. "MOLLY MAID appealed because it is an established brand, has a proven business model and can be run from home," explains Angela. "So I knew I would be able to fit work around looking after my children.

"Following a week long intensive training course on the MOLLY MAID system where I was taught how to price cleans, roleplay different scenarios, and market the business, I launched my franchise. From day one I have received ongoing help and advice from the MOLLY MAID support team and it's a great comfort to know that they are just a phone call away.

"In my first year, my business grew rapidly and my achievement was recognised with the MOLLY MAID Newcomer of the Year award,' continues Angela. 'Then this year, I was presented with the MOLLY MAID Quality Service and Value award, at the MOLLY MAID annual convention, for my growing sales and positive customer feedback."

Interview by Jess Sturman