“I was won over by the excellent staff and services at MOLLY MAID”

Since launching his Teesside MOLLY MAID franchise in 1998, Glenn Sunman has developed his domestic cleaning franchis­­e into a thriving success, with a network of over 30 employees and an expanding customer base.

Before joining MOLLY MAID, Glenn Sunman had a very successful career with industrial pharmaceutical company ICI, where he assisted with training staff and opening new pharmaceutical businesses around the world.

After opening his own pharmaceutical consultancy business in 1996, Glenn’s wife, Anne, was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Glenn decided to take voluntary redundancy and take the opportunity to find a career which would offer financial security and flexibility so he could care for his wife.

“I didn’t have a clue what sort of business I was looking for but I was ready for a change and saw this as a new chapter in my life,” reveals Glenn.

“It was actually Anne who suggested looking for a franchise business. As I was moving into a new business sector, I thought joining an already established franchise would be an easier and safer option, as opposed to starting my own business from scratch.

“Anne suggested we look for a franchise that offers services we have struggled to find in the past – we instantly thought of domestic cleaning. I thoroughly researched the market, looking into several different cleaning franchises but I was won over by the excellent staff and services at MOLLY MAID.

“With highly experienced businesswoman and former chairman of the British Franchise Association, Pam Bader OBE, overseeing the MOLLY MAID franchise, I felt confident with my decision,” says Glenn.

MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners receive thorough training, professional marketing support, plus a business advisor to give ongoing support for the duration of their franchise.

“With such a dramatic career change, I found the support services to be very useful and active. To assist with the launch of my Teesside MOLLY MAID franchise, my assigned business advisor helped me with recruitment and getting my business off the ground,” he says.

To ensure Glenn was able to tend to his wife and work flexible hours, he quickly hired office support staff to assist with the day-to-day management of his business.

“By delegating the daily running of my business, I am able to do the work hours which suit me and can focus on advertising, business development and expanding the MOLLY MAID brand,” he adds.

“Not only is my business improving its financial performance year on year and continuously expanding, I actually love what I do. By running my own business I don’t need to worry about redundancy and it’s a profitable asset which will secure my future.”

Reported by Tiffany Brooking