MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner rewards customer loyalty with donation

MOLLY MAID Franchise Owners Regina and John MacDonald have been able to use their success to help their local primary school

Former MOLLY MAID employee Regina MacDonald and her husband John decided to take over an existing MOLLY MAID franchise in September 2008. Over the last 18 months, the couple have steadily built up the business and now have five branded cars on the road and 12 members of staff.

"Running our MOLLY MAID franchise gives us great job satisfaction because we are in control of a profitable business that provides a quality domestic cleaning service to our area," explains Regina. "Some of our customers are elderly, and our cleaning service takes the pressure off their families trying to maintain their homes to a comfortable, clean standard."

As a thank you to their loyal customers who helped them ride out the recession, Regina and John donated 40 fluorescent jackets to their local primary school near Trowbridge in December last year. The jackets, branded with the MOLLY MAID logo on the back, are for the children to use while on school trips to ensure they stay safe and visible outside of the classroom.

"While we do not have any children at the school, we have customers who do and donating the jackets is our way of saying thank you," enthuses Regina. "I used to see the children out and about and it made me aware, that with the months becoming darker, the schoolchildren could benefit from being more visible while in a 'walking bus' at peak traffic times or on school trips around the village with the teachers."

Before Regina joined MOLLY MAID, she was a Marketing Consultant and knew MOLLY MAID professionally. "I have known MOLLY MAID for a number of years so I was aware it has a good reputation and support infrastructure in place," continues Regina. "When I joined the company as a business advisor I was able to witness the success of the franchise network first hand, so when a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner said he was looking to sell the Bath territory, my husband and I decided to take the leap and build on his success.

"John and I had to attend an initial comprehensive one-week training course before we took over the business, and then we were able to shadow the existing Franchise Owner so that we could see how the business operated. Since then, we have had access to ongoing support from the support office and the rest of the franchise network when we need it, which has been a great help."

This year, John and Regina are eager to sponsor another initiative within their community and have plans to get two more branded cars on the road, so that they can cover more area within their territory. They are also off to Antigua courtesy of MOLLY MAID after qualifyiing for the MOLLY MAID Travel Incentive. "We worked really hard for the incentive and to gain it in our first year was a real achievement," says Regina.

"The great thing about being a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner is that if you want to give back to your local community, MOLLY MAID will support you and is more than happy to help cover the cost of sponsoring local initiatives if it helps to raise the profile of the MOLLY MAID brand."

Reported by Jess Sturman

Investment Level

£16,975 + VAT covers:

  • Franchise Fee - £3,000
  • Exclusive MOLLY MAID area - £6,000 (minimum 12,000 target customers)
  • 'Right Start' Marketing and Staff
  • Recruitment Launch - £5,175
  • Equipment and Supply
  • Package - £2,300
  • Proprietary Software - £500

PLUS minimum of £12,000 Working Capital for the first 12 months.