MOLLY MAID franchise cleans up!

One of Britain's best known domestic cleaning companies, MOLLY MAID is celebrating another successful year in 2007 and starting an exciting year in 2008

Text: MOLLY MAID Franchise Development Manager Andrew Parsons

Within the franchising community MOLLY MAID is noted for the high level and quality of the support given to both new and established franchise owners,' says Pam Bader OBE, Chief Executive of MOLLY MAID and the first women to be elected chair of the British Franchise Association.

'With an increase in consumer sales in the last 12 months in excess of 15 per cent, it is no surprise that MOLLY MAID is quite literally cleaning up in the domestic cleaning industry. Many of our franchise owners are achieving double digit growth rates, growth that is driven through a partnership involving their individual commitment and the desire and dedication of the MOLLY MAID support team.'

Two further landmarks achieved last year were over 350 MOLLY MAID cars on the road throughout the UK and over a quarter of a million home cleans carried out - and the market is still growing at a phenomenal pace! Continuing our success, MOLLY MAID was recognised as one of the top performing franchisors in the UK by winning the Bronze Award in the British Franchise Association's 2007 Franchisor of the Year.

MOLLY MAID offers its own unique approach in the £2 billion+ domestic cleaning industry, which has seen the company grow from a standing start in 1985 to a £12 million+ turnover in 2007 and is on target to increase this by 50 per cent in the next five years. All work is conducted on the basis of a written estimate and is carried out by highly trained staff using their own equipment and supplies. All staff are fidelity bonded, fully insured and are easily identifiable in their branded uniforms and company cars.

With 69 franchise owners nationwide and many more areas available, you too could benefit from joining the industry leader. 'We have fantastic areas that offer a huge potential to grow and develop successful businesses,' says Pam. 'We have successful franchise owners from all walks of life, such as ex-forces, women returning to work and partners who want to work together. More so than previous business experience, we look for people with a drive to succeed, common sense and a flexible and positive outlook.'

You will get thorough training, professional marketing support, plus a business advisor to give ongoing support for the life of the franchise - so you're never out there on your own. The initial investment for a MOLLY MAID franchise is £16,975, and we also ask our franchise owners to have access to £12,000 working capital during the first 12 months of starting their MOLLY MAID business. For that you receive exclusive rights to the MOLLY MAID brand in your territory. Low outlay, low risk and exceptionally good cash flow. No need to worry about whether you can do it - you can, as dozens of other successful MOLLY MAID franchise owners throughout the UK have already proven.

Franchisee Diary

Sarah Thomas, Telford

As soon as I saw the MOLLY MAID franchise opportunity I knew it was right for me. I already had a feel for running a business from working with a number of small companies as an accountant. Even though I had some experience of finance and administration I wanted the business framework provided by a franchise. With MOLLY MAID I can benefit from the knowledge and experience of a franchise that has been running for over 20 years, and enjoy very professional, helpful and friendly support.

I launched my Telford franchise in November 2006 after undertaking my full MOLLY MAID training. MOLLY MAID sent out the first leaflets to targeted homes in my area to give me a kick start with enquiries. This business is about generating customer enquiries and employing and training teams of maids, in order to meet the demand for the cleaning service. In the first year franchise owners should expect to have three cars up and running. Through hard work and a determination to succeed I doubled the target and had six cars in place by the end of 2007, achieving a turnover in excess of £100,000.

The MOLLY MAID Support Office has always been there at the end of the phone to talk through any issues. I have had visits from my Business Advisor to give me hands-on assistance in my day to day work. Nevertheless it has taken a lot of very hard work and you do have to be prepared to put in the time - I have had some weeks where I have worked 14 hour days to meet demand, although I have always managed to keep my weekends free.

One of my best rewards with MOLLY MAID in 2007 was to be one of the winners of the Travel Incentive Programme, after meeting a turnover target set by the Support Office. As a result my son and I are being taken on an all expenses paid holiday for a week in Crete along with the other franchise owners that achieved their targets. I am looking to continue growing the business in 2008 and plan to establish another three teams by the end of the year. Long term I would like to have at least 12 cars on the road, at which point I will be able to employ a supervisor to help me with the day to day administration. In 10 years time I will have built up a solid business that will be a great asset to sell on as and when I decide to.