Recognising achievement

After doubling the size of their business in three years, sisters Karen Egan and Wendy Campagno are enjoying the rewards of their thriving MOLLY MAID franchise

Runners up in the MOLLY MAID Sales Growth Award 2008, franchise owners Karen Egan and Wendy Campagno are on course for another successful year of trading with a £400,000 annual turnover in sight.

Channelling their energy into the marketing side of the business has paid off for the sisters, who have experienced a significant increase in new business. Consequently, Karen and Wendy have had to move into bigger offices in order to accommodate more staff and cope with the growing volume of business.

Before joining MOLLY MAID, both sisters were self-employed. Wendy was a bookseller while Karen owned a shop. "We sold the businesses when we moved from the area and began researching potential business ventures within Aylesbury," continues Karen. "We did not intend to invest in a franchise initially, however we spotted an advert for the MOLLY MAID franchise and the thought of investing in a proven business model coupled with an ongoing comprehensive training and support package was very appealing.

"We knew MOLLY MAID was a reputable company and believed it to be the best domestic cleaning service provider, so decided to arrange a meeting with the CEO of MOLLY MAID Pam Bader OBE. Pam was very helpful, she answered all of our questions and went through the aspects of running a franchise, so that we knew we were making an informed decision."

Karen and Wendy took over the Aylesbury-based territory in 2006 after completing a one-week residential training course which covered everything they would need to know in order to run a successful MOLLY MAID franchise, from recruiting staff to working out cleaning quotes and planning routes. From day one the sisters have never felt on their own, as Karen explains: "At the launch, members of the MOLLY MAID support office team visited us regularly to ensure everything was running smoothly and to be on hand to answer any questions in person. Now if we have a problem the support office and other MOLLY MAID franchise owners are only a phone call away.

"Wendy and I really enjoy running the business together. After three years of hard work, we have doubled the number of cars on the road from four to eight and have taken on 21 members of staff including an office supervisor who oversees the running of our offices enabling us to focus on growing the business!"

As well coming second in the Sales Growth Award, Karen and Wendy are now members of the MOLLY MAID President's Circle and qualified for the MOLLY MAID travel incentive scheme. "When our weekly turnover exceeded £5,000 our achievement was recognised by being invited to join the President's Circle," enthuses Karen. "MOLLY MAID organises special day trips and meetings for all of the franchise owners in the circle as a reward for consistently achieving high turnovers.

"Earlier this year we also enjoyed an all expenses paid trip to the Dominican Republic courtesy of MOLLY MAID in recognition of our hard work. This was a great way to relax and celebrate our achievement with the other MOLLY MAID franchise owners who met their targets."

Interview by Jess Sturman