Reduce the Risk with MOLLY'MAID

A combination of a proven system, strong brand and winning team fuel the continued success of the MOLLY MAID network in the UK

Starting your own business is a big step at any time and will always involve some element of risk. By starting a business franchise you will have already reduced your risk significantly. Instead of starting from scratch with no established systems in place and no experience of what to do when the unexpected happens, you can start with a proven, working system and the support of an experienced franchisor that will help you achieve business growth.

'That is what you will get at MOLLY MAID,' explains Pam Bader OBE, CEO of MOLLY MAID UK. 'Our key business focus is to work with our Franchise Owners to grow and improve each business through continued support and regular review meetings with Business Advisors. We also use incentives to encourage and reward our network for significant growth - from advertising credits and flyer rebates, to all-expenses-paid holidays to be won. As a support office we also put activities in place to increase brand awareness through national PR campaigns, and continued joint promotions with other prominent UK brands such as Tesco, Reckitt Benkiser and Betterware.'

This year is even more significant for MOLLY MAID as the company celebrates its 25th anniversary in the UK and plans to mark this milestone with even more promotions and an increased PR presence in the consumer press. We believe that despite difficult trading conditions the market for professional domestic cleaning will continue to grow, and are forecasting that the market will be worth over £3 billion in 2009.

Pam credits the continuing success of the business to a combination of the hard work from Franchise Owners and their staff, as well as a desire to provide exemplary customer care, with the strength of the MOLLY MAID brand. 'We are finding that there are more households where both partners are at work to supplement the family income,' she explains. 'They've no time to do the cleaning so they are turning to MOLLY MAID because it's a brand they know and trust.'

Franchise Owners that have just joined the MOLLY MAID family explain why they chose franchising and MOLLY MAID. Lynne Crewe (pictured below with her staff) started her MOLLY MAID business with her husband Andy in Doncaster in late March 2008. 'We realised that franchising was the best route for us because we could hit the ground running and use a proven system,' she says. 'We chose MOLLY MAID because it is a member of the British Franchise Association, has impressive branding and the MOLLY MAID Team were open and honest about our expectations when we spoke to them.'

Paul and Kirsty Cotton (pictured right) decided to set up their MOLLY MAID business in West Wirral September 2008. Kirsty says: 'MOLLY MAID offers a well established franchise system with a strong brand presence and focus on doing one thing very well. The biggest difference for us, however, has been the people at MOLLY MAID who gave us the confidence that we were joining a winning team and making the right decision all round.'

If you think that you can succeed in running your own business with the support of a respected brand in a growth industry, then MOLLY MAID could be the franchise opportunity for you. With over 450 Franchise Owners worldwide MOLLY MAID has the resources and experience to train and develop anyone that has an ambition to succeed, a willingness to learn and discipline to follow the system.

Reported by Andrew Parsons