Make a fresh start with MOLLY MAID

MOLLY MAID has proven to be the perfect career tonic for a number of people who have been made redundant by putting them on the path to business success.

Six years after launching their MOLLY MAID franchise in Berwick, business partners Denise Walker and Lorna Humpherson have had no regrets about becoming self-employed.

Lorna explains: “We had been working together at a health clinic for more than 15 years, when we were made redundant. As we were in our early 50s, we both thought that it would be strange starting again for a new company. Initially we wanted to set up a new business from scratch but at our ages we didn’t want to start at the bottom and have to build up a brand reputation.

“Additionally, we wanted to have the opportunity to sell our business and make a profit for our retirement. These reasons meant that the franchising idea quickly came in as it fitted our plans perfectly.”

Denise and Lorna launched their franchise in January 2005 and now have a projected turnover of over £200,000. The friends understand the fear that many people have when they are made redundant, but add it could provide the perfect opportunity for a fresh start.

“People in their 50s think being made redundant is the end of the world but it could provide the chance for them to change their lives for the better,” explains Denise. “You will work harder as a Franchise Owner than as an employee but the rewards are all your own.

“In one year with MOLLY MAID we achieved what would have taken two to three years if we didn’t have the help and back up of the support office and a recognised brand. The great thing about franchising is you get the support of people who know what they are doing and you are provided with a tried and tested method which, if you follow, will work.”

Andy and Lynne Crewe, MOLLY MAID, Doncaster

“I was made redundant from my sales and marketing managerial position in 2007. Fed up with working hard for other people’s gain and craving more control, I discussed the idea of running a business with my wife Lynne. We realised franchising was the best route for us because we could hit the ground running and use a proven business model.

“We chose MOLLY MAID because it is a member of the British Franchise Association, has impressive branding and the MOLLY MAID team were open and honest about our expectations when we spoke to them. Before signing the agreement, we spoke to other MOLLY MAID franchise owners about their experiences and had positive feedback.

“Lynne is in charge of the day-to-day running of the business and I look after the spreadsheets and sales. Lynne had left her job as a midwife after the birth of our second child and the franchise has given her a new lease of life away from Bob The Builder! We love having the freedom to make the decisions and ability to schedule work to fit around family commitments.

“At the moment we have five cars and 11 staff members and our turnover in 2010 was £190,000. By the end of this year we intend to have six cars operating in our territory and our plan is to leave the day-to-day running to the staff by year five, allowing us to focus on developing the brand in our territory.”

Reported by Fraser McKay