Q and A With a Marketing Manager

Charlotte Hassenstein, Marketing and Communications Manager at MOLLY MAID explains what her role involves.

The Franchise Magazine: What is your role within Molly Maid?

Charlotte (pictured right top): My role within MOLLY MAID is Marketing and Communications Manager. Broadly speaking, this involves developing and implementing dynamic marketing strategies designed to increase the brand awareness of MOLLY MAID, on a national and local level, both as the UK’s leading professional domestic cleaning service as well as a lucrative business opportunity.

What kind of promotional tools/materials do you provide to franchise owners?

MOLLY MAID provides comprehensive tailored marketing support to new and existing Franchise Owners. As part of the management training programme for Franchise Owners new to the network they are guided through a complete, planned and accelerated marketing campaign to assist them to generate customer enquiries as soon as possible while building vital awareness of the MOLLY MAID brand in their locality.

The marketing launch of a new business consists of direct mail and door-to-door campaigns, a press launch and ongoing public relations and customer giveaways to encourage brand loyalty.

Once our new Franchise Owners are established in their areas, they are then advised by our support office together with their dedicated Business Advisor as to a suitable ongoing marketing strategy.

Existing Franchise Owners are encouraged to use the personalised service flyers as a cornerstone of their marketing strategy in targeting new customers through a centrally organised distribution company.

As Marketing and Communications Manager, part of my function is to encourage the uptake by Franchise Owners of the various marketing tools and national initiatives that have been developed.

One such initiative is our annual public relations campaign designed with a national focus but with the ability to be implemented on a regional basis; for example, the Franchise Owners are supplied with a template press release with the ability for them to tailor it to the local press. Another is in the area of joint promotions with partners of similar standing. MOLLY MAID believes strongly that being co-branded with like-minded high quality companies is a very effective way of building brand awareness. We actively encourage Franchise Owners to make the most of the national Joint Promotions programme by running activities in support of the promotions in their local areas.

In addition to this, Franchise Owners are encouraged to engage with customers making use of the various communication tools we have created for their use such as newsletters, promotional gifts (ranging from MOLLY MAID teddy bears, golf tees to MOLLY MAID mugs) and creative ‘leave behinds’. We are also actively encouraging their direct involvement with their local communities via local sponsorships. There are many Franchise Owners who currently support their local youth sport teams.

Do you help Franchise Owners to build their businesses within their respective territories?

One of the many benefits of becoming a MOLLY MAID Franchise Owner is the support they receive to build successful businesses throughout the life of the franchise. There are various incentive programmes in place designed specifically to motivate and generate increased momentum with a view to achieving increased business growth.

Our team of dedicated Business Advisors and myself work closely to help assist Franchise Owners maximise their exposure and achieve brand awareness in their exclusive MOLLY MAID areas. We provide ongoing recommendations and guidance on ways in which to build their business – whether it be increased flyer activity, a community event or initiative, increased exposure in the local press via press releases or photoshoots or even a focus on existing customers with a view to encouraging them to recommend our services to friends and neighbours.

MOLLY MAID continually seeks to explore new ways and means in which to market to our customers and generate even greater brand awareness. These are then fed back directly to Franchise Owners through internal communication as well as presented at regional meetings and at our annual Convention.

Have you any new developments being planned at the moment?

In recent months our marketing suite has been completely refreshed and launched in close consultation with our Franchise Advisory Committee, ensuring we have incorporated elements that our Franchise Owners feel important to demonstrate to potential customers – after all, they need to feel happy using it!

The complete new range of marketing material is designed to drive increased business growth. We are confident that we are delivering an even stronger brand message and brand consistency across all external material.

From new personalised service flyers used for direct mail campaigns and a series of professionally produced personalised advertisements to tailored exhibition stands and banners available for use by our Franchise Owners, we are proud to say that MOLLY MAID continues to present itself as a strong and consistent market leader conveying all the qualities we so strongly believe in – professionalism, dependability, trust and passion.