Build your own Business with MOSS RID

MOSS RID® is a roof restoration system designed to improve the durability and extend the lifespan of virtually any roof, increasing a property's value and improving the way it looks. Simon Carpenter-Foster reports on this rather unique franchise opportunity

Property is the biggest single purchase most people will ever make. Whether you own a tiny terrace or a sprawling mansion, your home is not only a place to live, enjoy and bring up a family - it is your investment for the future. An eroding, deteriorating and ugly roof can drastically affect a property and its value. After all, if a roof clearly looks in bad condition, what other problems could be lurking unseen? Replacing a roof is costly, time consuming and environmentally wasteful. MOSSRID® can extend the lifespan of almost any roof with expert help, saving customers money and inconvenience.

MOSS RID® (UK) Ltd was launched by Leo Martino in 1997. Leo already had many years of experience in the roof restoration industry and could see a clear opportunity to bring the MOSSRID® concept to the UK. A decade on, MOSSRID® (UK) Ltd has become a market leader in the roof restoration sector and, after developing and building the brand and perfecting the range of services that the company offers, MOSSRID® is offering turnkey franchise opportunities to business-minded entrepreneurs across the UK.

'We are offering two different opportunities and you don't need prior experience of the roofing industry,' explains Leo Martino. 'Local franchisees will effectively work from home, carrying out both the sales and installation roles themselves, and employing a junior technician to assist them. Area franchisees will trade from commercial premises within larger trading territories. They will employ a team of staff from the outset to provide the sales, installation and administration functions. 'We believe that to make a MOSSRID® franchise successful it is absolutely vital to have the right kind of person running the business. We are passionate about what we do and about ensuring that our customers are completely satisfied with the service that we provide. We want them to recommend us to their friends, families, colleagues and neighbours, so it is vital that we are committed to providing exceptional customer service. We could simply open local MOSSRID® offices and pay people to run them for us. But we believe that by forming franchise partnerships with individuals who want to build their own business and take responsibility for their future, we will find the people who really want to succeed.'