With Mr. Electric and Aire Serv you can!

Are you considering how to develop or start a business within the energy saving and renewable technology market? If you are then Mr. Electric and Aire Serv could be the answer for you! We can support you with how to strategically develop your business in the energy saving and renewable technologies market. Our franchises receive business support and advice, which is proven to achieve results for long term business growth.

National Account Support

Franchisees also receive national account work related to both the conventional markets and also the energy saving and renewable technology market. We are presently involved in large Smart Meter contracts, photovoltaic installations, eco friendly boiler installations and an array of work with some of the largest companies in the UK. National Account work will help to provide a consistent flow of work throughout the year!

Energy Saving Focus

If you are not sure how to target the energy saving and renewable technologies market, then Mr. Electric and Aire Serv can provide the solutions you need. The Head Office team will help you devise effective marketing strategies, advise you on the qualifications necessary and you will have access to the extensive technical knowledge of the franchise network.

The Mr. Electric energy saving strategy is communicated through our CONSERVE campaign, which confirms our commitment to sustainable business strategies. See our website for more information, Saving_Solutions/. Aire Serv continually communicate energy saving opportunities in the air conditioning, heating and refrigeration market.

You don’t have to be technical!

Whether you are from a technical or managerial background the franchise system could be for you! Are you a current business owner looking to diversify or a person from a managerial background looking for a new opportunity or career change? Our franchise system is a management franchise, which enables both technical and non-technical people to become part of a winning team and benefit from tried and tested practices.

An Array of Services

Mr. Electric is your local electrical contracting franchise, while Aire Serv is your local air conditioning, heating and refrigeration franchise offering an array of services to the domestic and commercial market. Our global network of electricians and engineers offer anything from the most basic domestic installation through to complicated commercial work.

International Success

Mr. Electric and Aire Serv have over 80 franchised areas throughout the UK and over 400 franchises across the world, in the USA, Ireland, Portugal, Canada and Australia. As part of the Dwyer Group Mr. Electric and Aire Serv have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the market to develop competitive advantage!

IT Infrastructure

Information technology is driving every business and we are no different. Franchisees will operate not only the tried and tested franchise system but also manage the business using our sophisticated IT platform. This will help you manage customers and jobs through to completion to ensure you operate an efficient and productive business. The IT Platform will give you competitive advantage and help you recruit and retain customers for the long term.

Comprehensive Support Programme

The franchised brand offers technical and business training along with a comprehensive support programme, helping you to gain competitive advantage over other small businesses by working collectively as a national team! We understand, and have developed solutions to the common problems faced by independent businesses. The franchise is an opportunity for you to work on your business not just in your business!

Progressive Strategy

The progressive nature of the franchise system is at the forefront of its success. As well as a recent re-branding exercise, Mr. Electric and Aire Serv continue to lead the market with innovative solutions. Clive Houlston, Mr. Electric and Aire Serv UK Managing Director is Deputy Chairman of the British Franchise Association and is a well known figure in the franchising and electrical contracting industry.