Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What checks will franchisors conduct into a potential franchise owner's background?

Answered by Carol Stewart Gill,
Founder of Dublcheck

When checking the credentials of potential franchise owners a franchisor will look for a number of important factors. Common factors, which apply to most franchises, include residency, credit, worthiness, financial strength and attitude, which can be checked out at the interview stage and through various agencies.

Every one of these factors will be geared towards ensuring one thing - that the prospective franchise owner and the franchisor are compatible and that between the two parties a successful business relationship can be established and maintained for the long term.

There are also factors which are specific to the franchise itself which in the case of Dublcheck are: interpersonal skills at all levels and ability to build relationships. These and the general suitability of the prospective franchise owner are assessed during the interview process conducted by experienced recruitment personnel. We also have the luxury of not needing individuals with sales ability as Dublcheck get the business for our franchise owners.

Q. What are the characteristics of a good franchise?

Answered by Jackie Doolan,
Director of Xclusive Recruitment

In my opinion the starting point has to be demonstrating the success of the business model, backed up by a comprehensive training and support infrastructure, enabling interested parties from other industry sectors.

A lot will be determined by the individual(s) of the organisation - you need to be very driven, hardworking and good with people. Take Xclusive Recruitment as an example, you don't necessarily need to have come from a recruitment background as long as you are good with people and enjoy creating/retaining strong customer relationships.

Integrity and honesty are the milestone of our business with a willingness to ensure we always do the best job for both our clients and candidates, and we will do the same for our franchise partners. The customer will keep coming back if you do a good job by taking the time and trouble to understand their needs. Xclusive ensures the right candidates for the right role - this has helped us to deliver outstanding retention rates, giving our customers excellent quality of service.

In summary: success, training, support, Integrity, quality and service, looking after the common good of all.

Q. Do I need previous experience in business to buy a franchise?

Answered by Michael Neill,
The Frying Squad

No specific experience is required as most franchises, including The Frying Squad's Total Franchise Package, provide all the necessary training and franchisor support services. These are to help build every potential business to the level where they are exceptionally attractive investments. I myself am a perfect example of having no previous experience as I was employed as senior welding inspector across the world before I returned to Northern Ireland looking for a new business opportunity.

Management ability is certainly a pre-requisite in some cases but it is the dedication, passion and personality of the franchise owner that will have the greatest effect on the potential success of any new business franchise.

The qualities accompanied with the right training and franchisor support service can combine to turn any exciting opportunity into a long-term successful enterprise.