Invest in a virtually recession-proof industry

NIC is part of the £6.2 billion cleaning industry which is virtually unaffected by the economic climate

For anyone starting out on a new business venture the first target is to break even. Commercial cleaning franchise NIC is launching a comprehensive franchise owner recruitment drive with the promise that it will generate enough business to repay the initial investment 2.5 times, providing a much sought after sense of security to new operators launching in 2009.

NIC offers prospective franchisees the opportunity to invest in an adaptable management franchise situated in a virtually recession proof industry. NIC is a family run business which began franchising in 1996 as a way to ensure its high standards and the quality of its cleaning and customer services were maintained. The company's first franchisee, John Pinnick, now serves as its Managing Director. 'I ran one of the pilot franchises for NIC in 1996 and I quickly grew my franchise to over £1 million turnover,' says John. 'In 2003 I made the decision to join NIC directly as their Franchise Director and we quickly identified the huge potential for franchising in the cleaning industry as it attracted a much higher calibre of operational manager than other cleaning companies do.

'I believed so strongly in the franchise concept and the ethical approach by NIC that I became a shareholder and eventually I became the Managing Director in 2007. My prior knowledge of franchising gives me a very good understanding of the experiences and issues faced by franchisees. This knowledge is invaluable to both the future success and growth of the NIC Franchising Division.'

At present the network has 37 franchisees operating throughout the UK. 'All of our new franchisees benefit from a comprehensive training programme, which includes a four-day residential BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Science) course levels one and two.' says John. 'This is a practical course which provides franchisees with a huge amount of knowledge and information on cleaning practices, correct chemicals and safe practices. Training at head office is also provided on sales, marketing, operations and finance. The head office team provides franchisees with ongoing support throughout the life of their business.

'In terms of support we have set up a mentoring scheme where our new franchisees are able to shadow existing ones in order to gain hands on experience and our senior management team has over 150 years of combined industry experience - meaning should a franchise owner have a query or problem our team should be able to find the answer or a suitable solution.'

Other benefits of the franchise package include all customer invoicing and collection and payroll being handled by head office, which means franchisees are able to devote all their time to building up their business. 'During the first 12 months of trading franchisees will also benefit from a reduced Management Fee of just 7.5 per cent, this is up to 100 per cent less than some of our major competitors,' continues John. 'This ensures every franchisee has the best possible start to their business.'

As an NIC franchisee you are able to offer a wide range of services, which means your target market is huge. Already, NIC'has a wide range of blue-chip companies, shopping centres, retail parks, motorway services, local governments and educational institutions as clients.

Reported by NIC