Flat rate IPL hair removal

Since No+Vello's global expansion at the height of the economic downturn, its clinics have fast become a familiar sight in high streets around the world

With No+Vello's prestigious international reputation, the support of worldwide experts in business expansion and the freedom to make decisions to suit your needs, franchisees receive one of the quickest returns available on low start up costs.

By offering a modern alternative to non-permanent waxing and expensive, painful laser treatment, No+Vello's franchises are truly recession-proof.

What is IPL (intense pulsed light) permanent hair removal?

Based on a technology that delivers rapid pulses of high intensity light to the area being treated, the IPL process provides outstanding hair removal results for a wide range of hair and skin types.

Treatment costs consumers a flat rate of £39 per session for any area of the body. Sessions can be as quick as five minutes and the cost of the cartridge is just 80p per session. This means that No+Vello franchisees can make instant profits at the most competitive prices on the market.

No+Vello clinics also boost their profits with additional sources of income. This includes skincare products and skin rejuvenation treatments, which regenerate skin and protect it from the damaging effects of sun and ageing.

Research and Development

No+Vello's dedicated R&D department continually strives to bring technological advances in skincare to which No+Vello franchisees are guaranteed exclusivity.

Maria Junquera, No+Vello Brixton, London

Maria (pictured right, top) opened her first clinic in January 2011. She spends most of the year in Madrid where she runs the business remotely.

"I saw so many No+Vello clinics opening in Spain that I decided to invest in London where I knew there was a huge untapped market. With a busy clinic, the return on my investment was so quick. I was amazed to see the variety of people that come for hair removal in the UK - about half of my clients are men!

"It's been such a success that I am planning to open another clinic before Christmas."

Dr Antonia Regojo, No+Vello's Medical Advisor

Dr Regojo (pictured right, bottom) provides technical and safety advice to franchisees.

"Any successful business has to begin with a product that really works. Our patented IPL technology is simply the most effective, permanent solution to unwanted body hair.

"Unlike other hair removal technologies, the intensity of the light used by the No+Vello System can be be customised to match your clients' skin and hair colour. This means that surrounding areas are not damaged, leaving the skin looking smooth and healthy."

No+Vello Franchisee Fact Box

The franchise: No+Vello
Year established: 2007
Industry sector: Health, lifestyle, beauty
Locations: Worldwide presence in 14 countries, with 14 franchise owners in the UK from Aberdeen to London
The franchise owner profile: There is no set profile, No+Vello's franchise owners come from a range of backgrounds
The £33,000 franchise package: Includes patented hardware, territory exclusivity, clinical equipment, industry leading training (initial and ongoing)
Net profits: Current UK clinics projected an average net profit of £85,000 by 2013/14