Northwood: £30k a month income in just 11 months!

Having worked for many years as a financial advisor, I knew how long it could take to build a business and to reach that critical 'break even point' but my Northwood franchise exceeded all my expectations.

My name is Martin Birks and having worked in the financial services industry I was fed up with advising other people how to make money and decided it was time to take some of my own advice and start my own business. The first decision was should I invest in a property related franchise and if so, which one?

Having been a property owner for many years I felt I had a reasonable understanding of the property market so decided that a business based around property was the right thing for me, especially as I could use my existing skills within the business. Having contacted virtually all the property franchises it soon became obvious that Northwood was the only franchise that had a U.S.P., a Unique Selling Point in their brilliant Platinum Scheme and the quality and professionalism of their marketing literature coupled with their strong corporate branding meant Northwood's franchise opportunity stood head and shoulders above all the other property franchise opportunities.

Once I had spent the day with Northwood's founder Andy Goodson at their head office in Southampton where he allowed me the opportunity to visit other local Northwood offices, which gave me the chance to see the business in reality, the huge benefits of investing in a Northwood franchise became very apparent.

Because Northwood offers three services - lettings, estate agency and financial services - it has enabled me to grow my business much faster than if I had invested in a single product property franchise. This is the income (not turnover) that I have achieved with my Northwood franchise. In my 7th month of trading I earned £12,118, month 8 £13,106, month 9 £20,233, month 10 £20,280 and £31,793 in month 11. Northwood's Platinum Scheme is not only extremely popular with landlords and gives franchisees a Unique Selling Point, but more importantly the income it generates is double when compared to traditional property management.

Thanks to the great team, which Northwood helped me recruit, the comprehensive 6 weeks training programme, Northwood's strong branding and of course the brilliant Platinum Scheme, I am way ahead of my initial forecasts and business plan.

Offices are now trading in:

Bournemouth, Milton Keynes, Romford, Northampton, North Manchester, South Manchester, Glasgow, Cardiff, Crawley, Chester, Leicester, Bristol, Cheltenham, Southampton, Swindon, Plymouth, Portsmouth, Nottingham, York, Worcester, Edinburgh, Newcastle, Norwich, Wokingham, Warminster, Harrow, High Wycombe, Chester, Peterborough, Watford, Chelmsford, Ruislip, Bow, Luton, Liverpool