“The process is like a double interview”

Nicholas Cooper, Managing Director of Northwood GB, explains the initial stages in his franchise’s recruitment process

Any good franchisor takes recruiting franchise owner’s very seriously, it makes no business sense to recruit a franchise owner knowing in your heart of hearts that they are likely to find the work too challenging, or that they do not posses the right skill sets or the correct finances. Apart from anything else the franchisor has a moral obligation to get it right!

Our advice to any prospective franchise owner is to treat the process as a double interview. While you are interviewing the franchisor to decide whether this is the franchise for you, so in turn should you assume the franchisor is interviewing you.

The recruitment process generally starts when you respond to an advert or a piece of marketing material. Once you have made contact we will not only ensure that we collect the key contact information but also an indicative idea of your available budget and geographical areas of interest.

We will follow this up with a telephone conversation where we answer any further questions and ask about your past experience and financial wherewithal. If appropriate we then arrange an initial meeting and, once arranged, send you a franchise application pack, which we ask you to sign and return to us a few days before the meeting.

At the initial meeting, two Directors will be available all day. This will consist of a chat about your background, our background and how we all arrived at where we are today and a detailed disclosure on who the parties are. We deliver a mini presentation on the model and show you detailed accounts of a number of franchise offices. We introduce you to the entire team so that you get a good understanding of the individuals that will be supporting you and their experience. This is vitally important when deciding which franchise to buy.

Finally, we take a trip to our office in Portsmouth, where you will be given a further insight into the workings of the business and have an opportunity to ‘touch and feel’ it.

By the end of the day you will completely understand the model and be in a position to make an informed decision about whether to proceed.

The day also gives us the opportunity to spend some time and get to know you, review any past experience and have a brief understanding of your skill sets. This will give us an insight into whether you have the required skills to be successful.

Stage one is now out of the way and if you and we wish to proceed to the next stage we would arrange another meeting where any other questions or queries are ironed out. Should both parties still wish to proceed a refundable £1,000 deposit is then paid and The Feasibility Study can begin.