So much more than bricks and mortar

We are not your typical estate agent nor your typical franchise.

In 1995 we introduced a completely fresh service to the property market; offering Landlords a guaranteed, regular income from their rental property was a new idea and an instant success.

While our growth has been built around this unique concept, none of this would have been possible without one other key ingredient: our people.

To this day, 16 years and 70+ offices nationwide later, we make it our priority to work with only straight-talking professionals.

We pride ourselves on finding the very best people available, training them thoroughly, setting them up meticulously and supporting them wholeheartedly.

We currently have a number of new franchise opportunities available particularly in Blackpool, Huddersfield, Rotherham, Wolverhampton, Dudley / West Bromwich and the Medway Towns. We have the capacity to properly train and support just 5 new franchisees in the coming year.

Who are you?

You’re probably somewhere near the top of your chosen field. You’ve most likely reached a decision that it’s time to move on. Maybe because you’d like to be ’your own boss’, would like a change of lifestyle or perhaps just feel the need for a new challenge.

We don’t take chances with our people or our service and run a high quality, very profitable business. You will have the chance to become part of our network in which everyone benefits from the knowledge and experience of others and through this collaboration we all succeed. The rewards for the right franchisees are very high.

It seems these days anyone can be an estate agent. To be a Northwood person is another story altogether.